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Figuring out what dating dealbreakers are

Mr Prescott originally reported the fraud to the Federal Government's Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Authority (ACORN), but said he did not get a response until six months later."I haven't been able to get the police to do anything," he said.Private investigator Simon Smith, who was hired by Mr Prescott, said the information he gathered would go a long way to helping Australian and international police to identify the scammers."All you need to do once you have an IP address and time is contact the relevant internet service provider in whatever country it is and, with a law authority, basically ask them, 'Who is the owner of this IP address?

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Interestingly enough, a lot of my female clients have had trouble acknowledging this need for clarity in their relationship goals.

In fact, most of them were afraid of having these goals because they thought it was “unrealistic”.

I understand where this hesitation is coming from; haven’t we all been afraid of going after what we really want?

Chances are you mapped out your goals, then FOCUSED on a plan to make them happen.

This is why you need to make the man – and relationship – that won’t necessarily be right for you.


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