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Free adulct chat lines minneapolis

*T***^ * ' ' ' •»^»«» r ARLIN6*S ; SOMETHING for THE TIMES !

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Unleaa Ibelr »iib*rlp- tlonaare alllmle Meiliies* paid within ten days from t Ue time of iiuch notice, the paper will t)epaper, wc are aware, than to hare it behind time ; and we can realty Rrmpitbize with and asaare theai that while it i;» a d L'iappointment to them, it Ls a dunble one to iw.

notice Is hereby «lven that in pnr»uane bluhr U liloder at tbe office •ritex Kterol Oeed-i. In the County of L« Sueur and Stale of Mln Ti«««ta on the Jih day ef July, a n ima' at 10 o'clock A M, the lol|..wtiigdescrbed lands, to wli- Norlh-wesi iiiiarier ol .-ecii..!!


It is an excellent number, and worthy a perusal The Fourth. Esiray Notices llotlea l» hereby ^Iveii that the suli* rllier .

Owinir to the breaking down of Jbe ADtelop, our pap r which wa,s shipped on her did not arrive until very late — hence the delay ef our issue. — AU Who wiab perfect likeoesaefl will do well to remember that Spkncer at hu gallery above Strait & Holtun's, can't be beat in tho north-west in his art Wk are happy to aauounce that onr esteem- ed fellow towusniou, D. How is recoveriug rapidly from his late severe illness.) Thb Moitthlt for July was re- ceived last week. at lh« reildence of b U tlranhed It to tbe uround." " Yel. Twill blbii Di aval II on hliib." 1ST OF LETTERS, remaining In sbakopee Post Ot Bce i July IO(h 1M2. Having travelled in that part of oar State, we can testify as to its being,as will not loii^ keep clear of tbe iiiila^triuus aud honest hands of the agri- culturist.


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