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Sex isn’t everything, but as anyone with any kind of sexual dysfunction knows, it’s an awful lot.Put the sexual aspect together with the other things that homosexual men and women often experience — depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, a sense (however false) of being utterly — and you have a heavy cross. That’s not weird, that’s not strange, that’s not even gay.

I wrote a whole article once about what it was like to be a celibate, gay Catholic, and what was the first response in the combox? ” Not that everyone who finds out that I’m gay is like that.

I never had any idea things could be this good, that I could be so confident, that I would so often feel like smiling for no particular reason.

You will be wondering how I got from there to here. It took lots of prayer and hard work, and the love and patience of brothers, sisters, mentors, and friends.

You might as well talk about gluten-intolerance culture, or musician’s rights.

Which is not to say that I don’t strongly identify with those parts of myself that people often conflate with being “gay.” I’m musical, I’m verbal, I’m intuitive, I have a strong aesthetic sense.


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