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I think you'll agree that Deus Ex, Championship Manager, Shogun, Ever Quest and Counter-Strike are all worthy of the Classic title, for showing vision, originality and for being the best in their field.

The only one that hasn't lasted the test of time is Vampire, which had vision and the multiplayer potential to trounce the opposition, but unfortunately it didn't quite take off, and the single-player game was a tad linear.

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For details contact International Licensing Director Kerin O'Connor. For syndication enquiries contact International Licensing Manager Rob Willis Tel 61 35 email lcanse uk.116 GAME SERVER RROWSERS ROUND-UP Want to make it easier to get online and start fragging? 4 PCZONE#98JAN2001 CONTENTS EXCLUSIVE AND Y PLAYABLE SEVERANCE: BLADE OF DARKNESS PROJECT IGI The arsenal at choose from SEVERANCE: BLADE OF DARKNESS After five years in the making, Severance is about to hit the shelves with a huge red 18-certificate on the front.Read our exclusive review and find ouf why there's more than just mindless violence to Codemaster's hack 'n'slash epic. O a MET ID COSSACKS: EUROPEAN WARS SETTLERS: SMACK A THIEF Quite literally the most definitive games news section in the universe 10 BATTLEFIELD: 1942 The follow up to Codename: Eagle proves to be more than impressive.Right, welcome it'iniii to I(H in tin i ucas Aits | _ - back for one more adventure. 46 MECH WARRIOR 4 Are you ready to experience the most stunning recreation of the Battle Tech universe?48 DESPERADOS Once Upon A Time In The West meets Commandos head-on. 55 ELDER SCROLLS III: MORROWIND Can this new 3D RPG topple Baldur's Gate from its beardy heights? All the latest and greatest PC games (and, of course, some of the worst) come under the cynical PC ZONE microscope NEW GAMES 60 SEVERANCE: BLADE OF DARKNESS 66 AMERICAN MCCEE S ALICE 70 ESCAPE FROM MONKEY ISLAND 74 COLIN MCRAE RALLY 2 77 SIMON THE SORCERER 3D 70 HITMAN: CODENAME 47 80 TONY HAWK S PRO SKATER 2 03 TOMD RAIDER CHRONICLES 04 LINKS 2001 86 CIVILIZATION: CALL TO POWER 2 88 DEEP SPACE NINE: THE FALLEN 90 NO ONE LIVES FOREVER 91 BLAIR WITCH VOLUME 2 92 SCREAMER 4X4 94 MOHO 94 CHAMPIONSHIP RUGDY MANAGER 94 SUPERCROSS KINGS 95 MTV SKATEBOARDING 95 DIRT TRACK RACING 95 FUR FIGHTERS 96 M0T0CR0SS MANIA 96 THANDOR: THE INVASION 96 KAWASAKI ATVPOWERSPORTS 97 JETFIGHTER IV 97 CITY TRADER 97 HOGS OF WAR BUDGET REVIEWS 90 JIMMY WHITE S 2 CUEBALL 98 HERETIC 2 98 HEAVY GEAR 2 99 JACK NICKLAUS 6: GOLDEN BEAR CHALLENGE 99 BEETLE CRAZY CUP 99 TA: KINGBOMS 99 WHEEL OF TIME READERS' REVIEWS 101 FEEDBACK News, previews and reviews on the latest happenings in online gaming NEWS 104 PLANETSIDE 106 ULTIMA ONLINE: THIRD AGE 108 DARKAGEOFCAMELOT 110 COMPO: WINAPCAND ADREAMCAST REVIEWS 112 COUNTER-STRIKE 1.0 The first full release of our favourite game is here.So we're going to carry on in the same way in 2001.It doesn't do us any favours with the publishers and we might lose out on a few exclusives along the way, but we reckon we owe it to you to stick to our guns.155 SUBSCRIBE Save money and get PC ZONE delivered to your door every month. 162 TEAM TALK Late night poker, five-a-side football and show-jumping. ^^^^ ©Turn to page 120 and check out our Christmas hardware extravaganza.TR0UBLESH00TER The most extensive and comprehensive tips section in town 124 CHEATMASTER Having troubles? | THE COMPO NO ONE FINDS Correctly answer this month 's cover queston and you could win sane PC | Bxxtes Send yea entry .99 Combat Flight Simulator 2 1f| ^ £Zzf.99 Flying Fortress 2 The Mighty Eighth £ 29.5 Starship Troopers 293 FLASHPOINT The Cold War hots up ESCAPE FROM MONKEY ISLAND DMB RAIDER CHRONICLES COLIN MCRAE RALLY 2.0 HITMAN: CODENAME 47 TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 2 STAR TREK DS9- THE FALLEN NO ONE LIVES FOREVEP SIMON THE SORCERER 311 f CALL TO POWER II UNKS2001 f /SCREAMER 4X4 £3.50 JANUARY 2001 PCZ#98 This year, the average person will unwittingly suffer from at least one type of worm infestation. M TONY HAWK S PRO SKATER 2 It s like, actually quite radical dude.ISSUE # ESCAPE FROM MONKEY ISLAND A TOMB RAIDER CHRONICLES Lara's COLIN MCRAE RALLY 2.0 Left. PGZCONTENTS We take a look at the games we're getting unnaturally excited about 42 OPERATION FLASHPOINT Experience digital warfare on your PC as Codemasters brings you another epic that doesn't fit into its family portfolio.


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