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In the late 20th century and early 21st century the bedroom became a more social environment and people started to spend a lot more time in their bedrooms than in the past.

Bedding used in northern Europe (especially in Scandinavia) is significantly different from that used in North America and other parts of Europe. Many houses in North America have at least two bedrooms—usually a master bedroom and one or more bedrooms for either the children or guests.

In larger bedrooms, a small desk and chair or an upholstered chair and a chest of drawers may also be used.

In Western countries, some large bedrooms, called master bedrooms, may also contain a bathroom.

Where space allows bedrooms may also have televisions and / or video players, and in some cases a personal computer.

Mattresses usually have a bed set to raise the mattress off the floor and the bed often provides some decoration. In the times before bathrooms existed in dwellings bedrooms often contained a washstand for tasks of personal hygiene.

In the 2010s, having a television set in a bedroom is fairly common as well.


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