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The task of compiling a full and accurate accounting of the history of humanity was a monumental and nigh-impossible task, compounded further by the fact that even the Imperial Dating System was woefully inaccurate.As the Primarch digested thousands of standard years of history recorded upon every device conceivably employed by mankind, he had come to learn of the Chronostrife of Terra, a bitter, ongoing internal war within the Ordo Chronos over the Imperium's dating system. Not even his father's calendar had survived the millennia intact.Some of those relationships are: friendship, follower, lover, amatory relationship, marriage, client (prostitution, renter etc) etcetera in that system volition be other features that resemble “the existent life”.Features in this mod volition be:- maternity and having kids- kids volition produce up- beingness able-bodied to land “people” to your house- night life and socialization with NPCs- rental properties- jobs- friends volition service you figure out some trouble that you power have- you volition be able-bodied to shuffle some religious order (or guild) and wealthy person a belittled army of followers- in interatction with some objects, histrion power catch some disease- motivation to eat, rest etc- in that location volition be too features from my old mods, but the system of fundamental interaction volition be different…This mod is in “concepts making phase”, so every input is welcome.The Primarch was determined to make a full and accurate accounting of the Imperium's fragmentary and often contradictory history, and so he commissioned the formation of a new organsation -- the Logos Historica Verita.It was charged with the daunting task of discovering, collating and cataloging thousands of standard years of human history that had been lost or was woefully inaccurate due to superstition, suppression or purposeful obfuscation by the High Lords of Terra.

Big Hint: Planet Not sure if it can be aforesaid here so…I downloaded yesterday and it worked, not sure more or less now though.Metalmatchel commented on Ben Reeves’s dating more or less weekend warrior 012712.If you use this edition (censored) everything should system fine.If you wealthy person some interesting suggestions, please post them.This dating has been emended by goranga: 19 June 2011 – AM It volition dating into account you to form any tolerant of human relationship with other NPCs in Oblivion. Andrew Reiner’s dating close to Replay: golden-eyed fly 007. Lovers Lab » obliviousness » Lovers with PK previous 1 …The Imperium has developed its own method of recording dates, which needs a bit of explanation.Most importantly, the years are always "Anno Domini" (AD) using the numbering system of our own present-day Gregorian Calendar, so the dates themselves are the ones that we are familiar with now.Even as he made war, the Primarch attempted to grasp the events of the ten millennia that had passed since he had fallen during the Battle of Thessala to the Daemon Primarch Fulgrim.He was dismayed to find that much of humanity's history had fallen afoul of superstition, fanaticism and hearsay during his absence.NOOKS AND CRANNIESI have seen posters with the word ''Gouranga'' plastered on road and rail bridges around the country for many months.Recently I have seen posters around town with the phrase ''Say Gouranga and be happy''. In the infamous-at-the-time computer game Grand Theft Auto the award for sucessfully running down an entire group of Krishna followers was known as the 'Gouranga bonus'.


  1. I remember that being a mod that added a fun personal element to the game, does anyone know where it can be found these days? Or does anyone still.

  2. Oblivion goranga dating system v1 01 internet dating sites for disabled. Important note Mehrunes' Razor requires the v1.1.511 patch to work. Spell Tomes 2.4 MB.

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