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I've had a lot of laughs over the years about that, and all in quiet and reflective moments.I saw a very nice Vega-branded 2-point mandolin styled after the Jethro Burns A-9 on ebay a while back, but with ff-holes.

The heel of the neck and the headstock are pretty standard Stad-O-Lin style. There does not seem to be many electric ones however.I was hungering after a 2-pointer of that style at the time, but couldn't justify bidding when the price climbed above 0. Maybe I should have bought it anyway, but I held out a few years for an oval-hole Epiphone BG-440, which is what I wanted anyway.Thanks all but we are getting off the question......It details that Vega was still in business in these years but the serial number you have doesn't match the banjo serial numbers.I suspect your mandolin was actually built by the company that built the Strad-O-Lin genre mandolins and that is one of the mysteries of the mandolin world. It seems feasable to me that someone somewhere must have a list of numbers.Perhaps someone reading this will know where to look.thanking you both very much...i will view the strads Bob just had a look at the strad-o-lins...are poor quality instruments by the looks.I know these vega electric mandolins were made in the 1940's as mine displays two 1940's usa patent #'s one being for its truss rod...."neck straightener" The history of my instrument traces it back to being bought second hand in around 1956 .I then have bought it from that gentleman who has owned it for the last 54 years unplayed in its quality case.They were a brand name owned by a marketing company. If I gave you a full shot of the back you'd see it.I wouldn't assume they made thousands Vega mandolins even with the numbers.


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