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Our enso was hand drawn using these tools and reflects our belief that natural hydration is essential to keeping our bodies healthy and whole.

We sure think so – and a recent study from the University of Arizona recently found that Kona Deep hydrates you twice as fast as bottled spring water and a leading sports drink.

But that beauty goes far deeper than you might imagine.

Off the coast of Kona, there is an exceptionally pure and deep water source, far from light and civilization.

Along the way, it travels over underwater volcanic fissures, soaking up beneficial electrolytes and minerals before arriving at the Island of Hawaii.

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Kona Deep comes from an extraordinary deep ocean current, formed long ago from glacial water. Staying hydrated in the desert is so important, and with natural electrolytes in Kona Deep, I wanted to share this with everyone I knew. The taste is amazing, and once you take a drink there’s no going back. Kona Deep has a unique blend of naturally occurring deep ocean electrolytes and trace minerals that help keep your body deeply hydrated, balanced and performing as it was meant to. With a high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of approximately 250, Kona Deep has a mineral count equal to that of mineral water. Read a recent hydration study featuring Kona Deep here. So as you hydrate your body with Kona Deep, rest assured that you’re drinking water from an immense, all natural supply that is as perpetual as it is pure. Kona Deep comes from a deep ocean current, 3000’ below the surface in one of the most remote and protected archipelagos in the world. I love that Kona has naturally occurring electrolytes. , a group fighting criminalization oftransgender youth; Shane, a 22-year-old man from Baltimore, Maryland, and acollege student, living with his girlfriend; and Zoey, a 12-year-old girl from California, who is supported by her mother, and transferred out of her lastschool when the school administrators refused to acknowledge her as a girl., MTV pushes boundaries with innovative original programming.MTV is available in 6.5 million householdsacross Canada and is a Canadian-programmed and managed business.As a result, just off the coast of Kona Hawaii, the ocean floor falls sharply to over 3000’ below the surface. Water is the source of life, and it’s extremely important to drink to stay healthy, active and hydrated. I literally grew up there from a child in a portable crib to the woman I am today frolicking on the sandy beach and in the water at Kalihiwai. It is this geological phenomenon that allows us to access this deep ocean water in Kona and bottle it at the source. I love Kona Deep water because it’s from Hawaii, has so many health benefits and it’s pure. These forces make our water unlike any spring water or engineered water with added ingredients. We bring this water to the surface and bottle it adding absolutely nothing. I was raised in Sarasota, Florida, and moved to Hawaii in 2006. Seriously, from the first sip, I was hooked on the taste of Kona Deep. It is from these pristine deep ocean waters that we source Kona Deep.Bottled at the Source: Kona Hawaii Kona Deep comes from an extraordinary deep ocean current, formed long ago from glacial water.


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