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During his time with Mötley Crüe, Sixx became addicted to heroin.He is quoted in The Heroin Diaries as saying: "Alcohol, acid, cocaine... When I met heroin it was true love." He estimates he overdosed "about half a dozen times".The band went on hiatus in 2017, with other members DJ Ashba and James Michael forming a new band, Pyromantic.Sixx co-wrote the track "Die For You", along with Cooper and Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars.while in 2010, Premiere Radio Networks launched nationally syndicated Rock/alternative music radio programs "Sixx Sense" and "The Side Show Countdown" with both based in Dallas, Texas and hosted by Sixx and co-hosted by Jenn Marino.While living in Jerome, Idaho, he became a teenage vandal, breaking into neighbors' homes, shoplifting, and being expelled from school for selling drugs.

In 1981, Sixx founded Mötley Crüe with drummer Tommy Lee.

They were later joined by guitarist Mick Mars through an ad in the local newspaper, and singer Vince Neil, with whom Lee had attended high school.

The band self-recorded their debut album, Too Fast for Love, which was subsequently released in November 1981 on the band's own Leathür Records label.

After signing with Elektra Records they re-released the album.

staying in the charts for 114 weeks after its release.


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