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Hindus dating muslims

Monicapreet: i am a sikh girl and i am divorced from a sikh boy in 2007, i am having two kids which are with there father, the reason of divorce is heavy drunker and having relationship with other womens .

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As for Christians, the Christian partner in Malaysia always demands that spouse convert and Hindus who believe that all Gods and religions are the same usually fall prey.

But there are some Christians who also follow Hindu way of life.

you should stay within your faith because it is your identity.

He promised me that when it comes to marriage, I would NEVER need to convert.


  1. Things To Expect When Dating A Muslim Girl. Hesse. Muslims account for over twenty percent of the population of the. So ‘chhaupadi’ from the hindus.

  2. So while these beastly Muslims slit a Hindu’s throat for dating their. Why are Hindus so stupid?Where are those Muslims leaders who wax eloquent about personal.

  3. Dating and Relationships. Can a Muslim marry a Hindu? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 58 Answers. I believe that Muslims can marry Hindus.

  4. Muslim man killed by mob for dating. There are non stop victimization of Muslims since Hindus rule. If a Hindu man was dating a Muslim girl.

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