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How accurate is conception dating

I'm worried I broke up with my partner and had sex unprotected with one of my good friends on April 17th he states he did not ejaculate at all.

I started my cycle April 20th me and my partner got back together that same week and was having unprotected sex all the time.

I discovered I was pregnant unexpectedly, and went to have an ultrasound on May 23rd.

Due to having wavering periods, I never really keep track, and therefore I don't know when my last period was.

Her first ultrasound was 2/20/2012, dating her at 12 weeks exactly with an due date of 9/3/2012.

The doctor told her that her conception was 11/29/2011. i just want to know could the ultrasound predicting conception date be wrong, and is there a chance that i could be the father?

she's measuring 2 weeks behind, and the doctor move her due date back from 9/3/2012 to 9/17/2012 every since the second trimester.

Women are actually pregnant for 10 months- not nine.

I have really been stressing over if it could be my friends.

But I've been doing the conception calculators and they all say I conceived around may 3rd - may 9th ..which doesn't make sense to me because the ultrasound gives the exact fetal age of the baby or does it add 2 weeks..

I'm confused please help Hi, im confused about the potential father of my baby I slept with the 1st guy on 16/06/13 and had a pregnancy test on 27/06/13 which was negetive. I found out I was 9weeks and 4days pregnant on 24/08/13. okay, i put the conception date of 11/29/2011 in the due date calculator on this site, and 40 weeks is 08/21/2012.

if i put the lmp of 11/28/2011 in the calculator on here, her 40th week is 9/3/2012 with conception date 12/12/2011. the ultrasound conception date 11/29/2011 or this site calculator conception date 12/12/2011?


  1. How accurate are conception dates. Conception Date and Pregnancy Dating. The various methods are accurate to within one to five days.

  2. Conception Date Accuracy. period and use that for dating my pregnancy. the articles that the date of conception is almost never accurate. so im.

  3. How accurate is conception dating. Sadly, a lot of relationships collapse before they even get off the ground because the girl can’t handle the sudden decrease in.

  4. Conception date based on ultrasound. Conception. Very accurate. never change the assumptions about dating of a

  5. How accurate is conception date with an ultrasound. dating her at 12 weeks exactly. ve been doing the conception calculators and they all say.

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