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Ics email widget not updating

If you update events once a week, then 24 hours may be adequate.Of course you can also make a manual refresh happen any time.

So, if you're not seeing your Gmail Cal events show up on your Calendar, this is one of the things you should check.

I have my notifications turned on and have it set to update every 15 minutes, but I'm getting no new mail notifications and my widget reports "0 mails" until I go into it manually. This isn't my gmail account, but my own website's mail account.

It is working fine, just not reporting new mail automatically.

I have an ICS and a JB device which both stopped updating the weather and the location in the lock screen. ) screen does update itself, when I add the Accuweather widget to the home (! Removing the widget again, will prevent the lock screen weather to "freeze" again. Bugs don't appear after months of correct function. --- Sent via Tapatalk I seem to have found the solution. I can't quite explain, why factory reset and repartition didn't help, but cleaning dalvik cache does.

Here's what I did: Disable lock scree weather in the display settings. Went into CWM recovery and cleared cache and dalvik cache.


  1. Easily share weather conditions with your friends via email and. my last phone. id rather have the widget beside my clock and not as a.

  2. Refresh calendar if new dates not showing. Tue. or widget, click it – it will. The ics calendar resources links are now available at ics guides.

  3. How to fix the problem of media player not updating newly added tracks in ICS. Media library not updating in. FLY IQ 4410 Quad Phoenix Email widget not.

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