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At some point, every parent has to release their child into adulthood.This video illustrates that a parent’s character and how they discipline, train, and love a child greatly influences what that child brings with them when they leave the home.Technically, all gasoline is the same, but the detergent blends each company uses are vastly different.Over the long run, you’re much more likely to develop issues with injectors or sensors if you stick to that cheapo grocery store gas station.Look no further for that perfect Father's Day gift. Watch this video illustration to learn about Mandles: scientifically engineered candles made just for men.We have all the man smells that are sure to please.It's true, and most of these 20 tips and tricks will extend the range for any car ever made, even if it's electric.

When these get clogged and dirty, your car will have a much harder time figuring out how to run optimally, which’ll in turn only cost you at the pump.

Those numbers aren’t really goofy: that’s actually what you’re getting at that very moment.

Pay attention to those and you’ll see how much of a lead foot you really have.

The downside here is that it WILL wear out some of your car's parts faster if you use it all the time.

Whether or not it saves you money in the long run is up to you to calculate.


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