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Intimidating cop cars Free dirty chat no registration roulette

The Police Pack is available on Super Crew and Super Cab F-150's fitted with either the 5.0-litre V8 or 3.5-litre Eco Boost engines, and is fitted with all the equipment you'd expect from a police vehicle. Aussies love a V8, and with the GLE 63 S Coupe the Australian police force even get two turbochargers tacked on as a bonus!

The sleek coupe body might not be the most practical for transporting prisoners, but the jacked-up ride height should make mincemeat of the rough outback roads.

Few vehicles are more intimidating than the massive Ford F-150 pick-up - but in America, it's a staple of life, and has been the best-selling vehicle for years.

So, just like the British police forces use the best-selling Ford Focus, it follows that American forces should use the F-150.

With 345bhp under the bonnet, it's certainly not short of pace - and unlike the RS200, it offers up rear doors for transporting suspected criminals, and a boot large enough to store traffic cones.

Plus if they get bored, the officers can try out 'Drift Mode' on a deserted stretch of A-road.

Maybe that’s where the less impressive police cars come in. But if you can do the time and are likely to be caught red-handed, why not commit said offence in a country where you can at least enjoy a high-speed getaway chase with the cops in a top-end hypercar?

Check the following list for the world’s greatest and most disappointing police cars...

There are exceptions, however, and here we’ve rounded up some of the more interesting police-issue machines, featuring everything from the fast and cool to the just plain dreadful.In fact, like all potential future vehicles, the V90 was tested to the limit in the country's stringent police car tests and scored 9.2 out of 10 - the highest score every achieved by a a car.The overall comments on the car were that the "chassis, steering, suspension, traction control and powertrain all show exemplary performance.Alright, so there’s no additional performance bolted onto what is otherwise a standard GT-R, but nonetheless Nissan did brilliant job styling this one-off ‘Copzilla’ for the 2017 New York Motor Show.Adorned with Skyline Metro Police Department motifs, the flashing lights and gigantic roof-mounted spoiler complete a terrifying look.Who would dare try and outrun a copper driving one of these?Back in the 80's, the Essex and Suffolk Police tried out a Ford RS200 to see if it would work as a patrol car.patrol vehicles making up the backbone of modern constabularies’ police car fleets.Nothing to write home about, but at least we’ve made progress from the days of Austin Metros and Vauxhall Cavaliers…Further afield though, some police forces have adopted increasingly exotic motors to their fleet, with law-enforcing supercars popping up everywhere from Italy to the Middle East.This is only a loaner car, though, from Mercedes in Australia - it's part of a campaign to boost road safety in Victoria.Porsche celebrated 50 years of its iconic 911 sports car this year, and it’s likely the police in Berlin were keen to join the party with their 2005 model, which has been fettled by German tuner Tech Art.


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