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Intimidating saurus rex

The Terror was an incredibly rare sight, with possibly only around one out in a hundred servers containing the infamous carnivore, with the only two dinosaurs able to counter the Terror in terms of stats being the Sauroposeidon and the Mosasaurus Sea Master, (the regular Mosasaurus, at the time, being much weaker than the Sea Master).

As the time for Black Friday rolled around, Dinosaur Simulator became more and more popular, and the player count went from around 80 to over 500; the demand for the oh-so-rare Kaijus and Movies dinosaurs was too much.

These can be more skilled than the Default Albino Terror.

This skin is generally only used for showing off, with the Default and Classic V2 being used more commonly. The body is made up of blocks, and it only has walking and idle animations.

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To appease both newer and older players, on Black Friday of 2016, Chicken Engineer offered the Terror for resale, but with a slight catch, as the cost had jumped from 3,000 DNA to 22,500 DNA, almost a ten times increase from the original amount.

Model made by: servez_2build Newer version of the Classic Pitch Black Terror.

The Pitch Black Terror is one of the most intimidating and fearsome dinosaur in the game.

"This hybrid strikes fear into its victims w/ it's sleek white skin, & darting red eyes." The Albino Terror, is a Carnivore commonly referred to in short as Albino or Terror, (which also includes Indom, depending on how long the player has been on Dinosaur Simulator), is a Black Friday Dinosaur along with the Movie Dinos, Kaiju Dinos, and Pitch Black Terror in 2015, and during Black Friday again with the Movies, Kaijus, Pitch Black Terror and the Megavore with a price buff in 2016.

For the longest time, Terror players, (or Indominus players, if you'd rather), were famed and feared.


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