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Within the group of Oriental rugs produced by the countries of the so-called "rug belt", the Persian carpet stands out by the variety and elaborateness of its manifold designs.Persian carpets and rugs of various types were woven in parallel by nomadic tribes, in village and town workshops, and by royal court manufactories alike.Nomadic and small village weavers often produce rugs with bolder and sometimes more coarse designs, which are considered as the most authentic and traditional rugs of Persia, as opposed to the artistic, pre-planned designs of the larger workplaces.Gabbeh rugs are the best-known type of carpet from this line of tradition.Rug fragments were also found in the Lop Nur area, and are woven in symmetrical knots, with 5-7 interwoven wefts after each row of knots, with a striped design, and various colours.They are now in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. These rare findings demonstrate that all the skills and techniques of dyeing and carpet weaving were already known in western Asia before the first century AD.Its central field is a deep red color and it has two animal frieze borders proceeding in opposite directions accompanied by guard stripes.

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Rugs woven by the villages and various tribes of Iran are distinguished by their fine wool, bright and elaborate colours, and specific, traditional patterns.In 2010, the "traditional skills of carpet weaving" in Fārs and Kashan were inscribed to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.The beginning of carpet weaving remains unknown, as carpets are subject to use, deterioration, and destruction by insects and rodents.The technique of weaving carpets further developed into a technique known as loop weaving.Loop weaving is done by pulling the weft strings over a gauge rod, creating loops of thread facing the weaver.The Pazyryk carpet was excavated in 1949 from the grave of a Scythian nobleman in the Pazyryk Valley of the Altai Mountains in Siberia.Radiocarbon testing indicated that the Pazyryk carpet was woven in the 5th century BC.The rod is then either removed, leaving the loops closed, or the loops are cut over the protecting rod, resulting in a rug very similar to a genuine pile rug.Hand-woven pile rugs are produced by knotting strings of thread individually into the warps, cutting the thread after each single knot.Woven rugs probably developed from earlier floor coverings, made of felt, or a technique known as "flat weaving".Flat-woven rugs are made by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands of the weave to produce a flat surface with no pile.


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  5. A Persian carpet or Persian rug. The number of sources for more precise dating and the attribution of provenience. An Iranian/Persian carpet exhibition in city.

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