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Is rachel bilson dating wilson bethel

’ but he’s also angry about him hurting his best friend.” Not unlike Bethel, Williams recalls that “it felt so weird when we read the script [for this episode] out loud. There was just a hush at the table read, like ‘Oh man, next, you ask?For starters, some long-overdue girl time for sometime-frenemies Zoe and Tansy. “In the next episode, it’s Tansy who Zoe goes out with to try and get over Wade. It’s really cool twist for the character, to start to like someone that she didn’t because of shared experiences.” But don’t think Tansy will totally let her guard down when it comes to the pint-sized doc.As an intern at Good Day Sacramento, she knew she wanted to someday return as a reporter, and has been able to do just that on Good Day and CBS13.So they asked me to update my bio since it said my daughter was "recently born" (she is now driving). “It’s like a real breakup.” RELATED | The CW Orders Early Renewals for “I’ve developed a very strong relationship with Wade over the last year-and-a-half, and it’s like seeing a really good friend do something wrong, you know? It’s a little heartbreaking.” Bethel explains that Wade’s choice to stray from the relationship for which he fought so hard “definitely came out of the blue, but so goes it in network television…The nature of the game is that nothing can be happy and good for too long,” he says, laughing.“While we’re doing shots, Tansy even says something like, ‘You’re going to be fine.

Still, it’s going to be a lonely course.” The after effects of Wade’s indiscretions will also impact other Bluebell denizens, including Cress Williams‘ beloved mayor Lavon.As for what’s to become of the broken hearted, Bethel can only muster up a solemn “who knows” for now. "I think they're going to play with the love triangle a bit, and I have no idea who she's going to end up with!I don't think she remembers who she is or what that looks like," King, 33, told Us."I hopefully feel like this next season, I'll be able to explore who she really is in her heart beyond being this perfect exterior for everybody else." VIDEO: See scenes from the first season of Hart of Dixie Of course, Lemon may not stay single for long if she gets back together with former fling Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams, 43). Moments later, George Tucker (Scott Porter) called off his wedding to Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) and showed up at Zoe's door to profess his love." Bilson, 30, told Us Weekly at The CW Upfront event in NYC May 17."I think it'd be really fun to see if she and Lavon could explore a relationship," King said."I love acting with Cress and I like that dynamic." Williams, however, joked that in Season 2, he'd like to see his character finally "court a girl who's available!and effectively ending their wonderfully short-lived love story.“It’s sad because they’ve been building these two characters up for a season-and-a-half,” Rachel Bilson tells TVLine. But the question is, what happens from here — and a lot of that remains to be seen.


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