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Right after Harry left she remembered why Harry had not taken her class to begin with even though he had signed up for it.

Dumbles had decided it would be for the "Greater Good" for Harry to take Divination.

I believe all of your memories were modified by the Mastermind Albus Dumbledore and want you all to have your memories restored so if you could all put on the shackles on your chairs around your wrists before drinking the potion under your chair I believe you will all gain a new view of Albus Dumbledore.

Arriving in Gringotts Hospital wing Septima saw Harry lying on one of the beds shaking in anger."How dare those evil Bastards.AN: Thanks for all the reviews and sorry for the long pause in updating.Triwizard Tournament was in third year Septima realized that she had a bit of a problem.Slowly all of those he had written letters to started to arrive."Arry what is it you needed?" Fleur asked once she walked into the room and the door closed as she was the final one on his list."Fleur do you remember us starting to date?Using this evidence and your power in the ICW we show the ICW except Dumbles the evidence to have him kicked out of the ICW.We will then show the evidence to the Minister who will kick Dumbles out of the Wizengamont." Harry asked and got shakes of the head."Draco as Heir Apparent of House Malfoy can you summon marriage contracts, pertaining to you, to you?" Harry asked and got a nod from Draco."I can but I don't have any but just for your fun Potter I'll do it." Harry asked in response."Vat do you mean Arry ve never dated?" Fleur said confused."How about anyone else in the room except Draco, Luna, Madam Maxime, and Professor Mc Gonagall?


  1. Parvati Shallow's relationship status is currently unknown to the general public.

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  3. Dumbledore's Army or D. A. for short. Parvati joins Dumbledore's Army along with her sister. The two of them are still dating in Half-Blood Prince.

  4. Parvati Patil b. 1979/1980, was. when Hermione was jealous of Lavender dating Ron Weasley, Parvati was noted to feel guilty over having laughed at Ron's cruel.

  5. Survivor' stars John Fincher and Parvati Shallow are. Stars John Fincher & Parvati Shallow Are Engaged. together since they began dating.

  6. When Sirius James Remus and Semptima all go and get drunk they write up a marriage contract for Harry and Semptima is caught in it. Padma/ Parvati Dating Harry.

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