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I read the lyrics, and I think nightmares aren't often the subject of a song, and it is really cool like that ^^This song is my favorite song!!

After 27 years of pure rock and roll, Metallica still rules!

when Jesus talked to god, he didnt say 'i am down the pub for a pint'.

So to have that place of safety invaded by nightmares and things that go bump in the night...that's like..corruption of the innocent y'know? Enter Sandman got them on the 'map', but it's far from their best work, which is saying something. I don't think that Metallica sold out by any means.

I say, fans of Metallica should be thrilled that more and more people started to listen to them, and love a great song with lyrics with a very innocent point of just childhood fears but the way they sing it is so...awesome it makes it seem about death and nightmares and violence and all that other negative stuff i hear but it isn't I find this song to be one of my least favorite by Metallica. And that's what about half the songs are on the black album, lyrically useles, meaningless. Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd are ROCK band (which are my favourite), but Metallica is, guess what, a METAL band.

Musically and rhythmically a good song, but the lyrics kill it. And being large difference between these rock songs, already, you may know that the difference is greater on the style aspect.

A sports car driver plowed into a crowd of spectators at a Boise, Idaho, car show, injuring at least eleven, authorities say.

Police say the driver of the gray Porsche accelerated rapidly while leaving the Cars and Coffee event around 11am but lost control and ran into the nearby crowd.


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  2. The overland Astor Expedition are believed to have been the first whites to explore the future site of the first Fort Boise while searching for a suitable location.

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  4. Porsche plows into spectators at 'Cars and Coffee' event in Boise, Idaho, injuring at least 11 people. An individual driving a gray Porsche allegedly accelerated.

  5. Calvary Chapel Boise pastor Tucker Maile announced that former pastor and former Calvary Chapel Association member Bob Caldwell confessed to adultery two weeks ago.

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