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Leo dating a cancer

You have to remember to make a diamond, you have to apply a lot of heat and a lot of pressure.Also, to make that diamond look better than just the plain cut-glass that it looks like, you have to apply a lot of polishing, you have to cut it.However, one key redeeming factor for the Leo Cancer cusp is that once he or she makes a decision, he or she will stick to it.This is crucial in a world that often prizes expediency over integrity.It’s very hard to send a lesson to a Leo until the Leo gets wounded or suffers a major financial setback.This also happens to be the main reason why Leo and Sagittarius signs are rarely a good match in love.

This is how normal people think however with the Leo Cancer combination this might not actually lead to a bad ending.

In the same way the Leo Cancer cusp is that diamond.

It often has to go through many ups and downs and a lot of heartaches, a lot of depression, a lot of crushing defeats as well as a lot of hate from other people to finally get it.

The good news is once this person makes a decision, this person will stick to it.

You might think that this is a recipe for a disaster because stubbornness normally leads to a bad ending.


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