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Leo dating virgo

As such, I think there are a few things everyone needs to know about our kind, even if we may often be forgotten as a category of our own.While Leos are known for their ability to, quite literally, take no prisoners and assert command in almost any situation, the Virgo side of the equation helps to bring this fiery trait back down to earth. They are more likely to step back and keep an analytic eye on a situation, rather than push their way to the center of it, like a Leo.What happens when you match somebody who just rushes into certain situations is often thoughtless and often bumps into things physically and emotionally with somebody who is very sensitive and very idealistic on many aspects of his or her life? It’s not a good idea in terms of Leo and Virgo compatibility, for both partners to be immature or to marry really young. You need a lot of sensitive compassion and protection for this match-up to work. This can be a serious issue because relationships happen in the hereon now. One thing is certain when it comes to Leo and Virgo compatibility – things are never dull! The reason the Leo guy barges into certain situations and grabs the limelight and takes control is the fact that the Leo likes to be the centre of attention. When it comes to committing in the long term, both partners really have to mature to a certain level for a marriage to work.Virgos are known for their intelligence and methodology, while Leos are known for their instinct, drive and inherent charm. These are people who are intellectually savvy with the ability to think eloquently on their feet and establish critical, working relationships with everyone they meet.They know when to turn on the charm, how to bring someone over to their side and they have the brains to back it up.While Virgo's are often chastised for the tendency to be too high-strung, inflexible or skeptical, Leos are known to be spontaneous, bold and the type of people to "go with the flow" without fear.This combination makes for someone who isn't reckless, but still knows how to let loose and have one hell of a time.

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They have this black and white world they live in and they judge reality based on this world that doesn’t exist. Just like with most other Leo match-ups, the focus here really is on the Leo man.

Not only that, but Leos are known for their intense loyalty, almost to a fault.

This trait transfers over to those born under the Leo-Virgo cusp; these are the people who will always have your back.

Don't be mistaken; they won't be walked over, but they will always put themselves out for the people in their life.

These individuals are passionate about life, and equally passionate about the people they share it with.


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