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Lindsay lohan and samantha ronson dating

We’re glad to hear your side of the story, especially after so much speculation.Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson were dating back in 2009 and ultimately ended up breaking off their romance. Ronson explains that she knew Valderrama from “LA, from around the way. “Other than that, she was like a little kid as far as I was concerned. Because as much as my life is in clubs and stuff, my personality isn’t. It wasn’t like I was out getting f***ed up every night.”And the interviewer then asks himself what we’re all wondering as well: “Why, after all this time and her previous silence, did Ronson decide to talk to me now about the affair? Of course, I must be masculine and I must be violent. “When the rumours started that I hit her or whatever, I called Lindsay up and I was like, ‘You need to dead this rumour now.’ ”So where did the idea of her being “openly gay” come from? “But at the same time,” she continues, “I’m not gonna not hang out with somebody that I care about because of that s**t.”, in which Lohan starred. But I got called so many things by the press that ‘openly gay’ was the least of my worries at that point.You know, I could have a thousand times countered s–t with facts.And it’s just not for me.” Does anything about what Sam has to say surprise you?As for her relationship with her ex-girlfriend now, Samantha says of Lindsay:“I love her as a human being,” says Ronson.

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Sam, 31, finally returned to her house at 5am and laughed off a paparazzo's assumption of a romantic date with Drea, 37.

She said: 'She's one of my best friends.' Sam is friends with both Drea and her fiancé, country singer Shooter Jennings, father of her 20-month-old daughter Alabama.

After her late night with Drea, Samantha sent a message to Shooter - who is on tour in New York on Twitter, telling him he 'was missed tonight'.

A bad-tempered Lindsay appeared in no mood to talk to photographers camped outside Sam's home and told them to 'mind your own business'.

Mere hours after we posed the question of whether or not Ali Lohan has underdone a boob job, her sister published the following blog on her My Space account: Take this rumor with a grain of salt the size of Lindsay Lohan's boobs.


  1. Lindsay Lohan is living. had saved all the receipts from Lohan’s “toxic” relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson. But no, I’m not dating.

  2. Samantha Ronson is approximately 114 weeks pregnant. Samantha Ronson Dating History. Lindsay Lohan Cancer.

  3. Wherever actress Lindsay Lohan is now-a-days, Samantha Ronson is there by her side. Continuing to spark interest as to the extent of their.

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