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James Blackburn covered the Overseas Evaluation Camp during the past weekend, and filed several reports regarding the players in attendance.

Here’s the first rundown of some of the players James interviewed, including a former UNC alum.

He also remembers Michael Jordan pulling right up through the Smith Center tunnel in a red Ferrari.

() Desmond Blue ( C, 6’11”, 265 lbs., Lee University) Desmond Blue profile Desmond is big, strong, and physical.

The freshman journalism major said that he looked at the reading list as well as the class syllabus before writing a piece for an online student publication called “The College Fix.” Dent admits that he has not taken the class, nor has he read any of the books on the list, but he still felt the course was too one-sided.

One of the main differences according to Brian was the basketball IQ.

Best of luck to each one of these guys in their endeavors of playing professionally.

— A debate is brewing about a course that is being offered at the University of North Carolina.

It all started when freshman student Alec Dent wrote an article about a course called “Literature of 9/11” and claimed that the seminar course sympathizes with terrorists.


  1. While Marc Campbell scored 16 points in 51 games during. Marc Campbell flourishing in Germany. 2018 Louisville basketball wary of UNC's.

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