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The next Point will be, Where to place the Power of Permitting, or Refusing; and from thence we shall pass to an Inquiry into the by the Common Con­sent of Both; were to suppose an Accom­modation betwixt Heaven and Hell, be­twixt Light and Darkness; which are every jot as Capable of it, as several of the Differences now before us.And for an Umpire in the Case, you can pretend to None.As if no Man could be a Good Subject, that is disaffected to Prelacy.Are not you your self satis­fied, that even Cromwel Himself, and divers of his Principal Officers, when the late King was at Hampton-Court, had Deliberations, and Intentions to Save Him?To conclude, What One Man urges, All may; and in All Cases, as well as in Any: Which has brought us once again to an All the Danger is, the falling to pieces again, when we come to bring This and That to the Test.

Open, and the Son of the most High coming down to Deliver me.How many have they driven to leave the Ministry, and live by Physique? [Poor Men have been miserably handled, ­most of their Earthly Concernments, rather then to Live and Die in an Open Rebellion to the Commanding Light of God in their Consciences.—To Ruine Men in their Substantials of BODY, and LIFE, for Ceremonies; is a Severity, which ENGLISHMEN will not, long time, by any means, give Countenance un­to.There might be some Plea for a little Strictness more then ordi­nary, in the Heat of an Eager, and Publique Contention: But methinks a Persecution in Cold Blood, does not sa­vour of the Spirit of our Profession.Does not our Sa­viour foretell us of You say something, if This would do the Work.But to dissolve a Solemn Law, for the Satisfaction of Some Parti­culars, and at last leave the People worse then we found them, were certain­ly a gross Oversight. (being a Grant of Favour to Some, and Exclusive of Others) must needs lay a Disobligation upon the Excluded Party.But to have Men cast out of the Church, because they will not Subscribe, and Declare, contrary to their Consci­ences, is doubtless a most Unconscionable Severity.be found to have born the Sway, and Caused those Active Motions, on the One Hand, and the Other.Let me only Observe Upon the Whole; that if you had really a Mind to set Us right, Methinks, You should not Trifle Us with these and This you may observe throughout the whole History of Them; even from the first time that ever the Pretence of Popular Reformation set foot in his Majesties Dominions unto This Instant.This is not a Place for a Dedu­ction of Particulars at length; But a Touch from Point to Point, will not be much amiss.If Truly when they are out of their Fooleries, I have no Quarrel to the Men.But what makes you couple the Crown, and the Mitre still?


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  2. The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Page 43. Funeral on Man- dren Friend rmrmiumH k iik. day at a m. WAKEFIELD Senly on Thursday, Jon.

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