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Ms project complete not updating Comzap com videpchat

But I want to control finish date and keep 90%it possible.

row: and I’ll get: As you can see John has to work 40 hours (5 Days * 8 hours per day) But, I need only 32 hours for that Task, and I want John to work 4 hours at Monday, and Tuesday, and 8 hours at Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Physical percent complete progress bar not showing correctly.

And also I want to show progress line based on physical percent it possible.

This approach doesn’t provide the project manager with any information about actual task effort or forecasted end dates.A typical response from team members is “The task is 90 percent complete,” or some variable percent.Project managers can make the mistake of assuming a status of “90 percent complete” is an effective method to monitor task progress.He has got a lot of experience working with people in different business processes and also possesses great knowledge in information technologies and financial services.Today he works as a business consultant, adn Project Manager in PERPETUUM MOBILE d.o.o. He is a regular lecturer for Project Management in MS Innovation Center in Varaždin, Logosoft Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina and SEAVUS GROUP in Skopje Macedonia.For example: you have a 5 day duration task that is scheduled to start on Monday and finish on Friday. In the options you have selected the following: According to the original plan you should be 40% complete (2 out of 5 days) by Tuesday evening. Project will move the start of the task to Monday afternoon so the 25% (1.25 days actual duration) aligns with Tuesday evening.The finish date will be extended to the following Monday so the remaining 75% (3.75 days remaining duration) begins after the status date.It does not change the date of the task that I marked as 100%, as expected.When others make this change, the dates do not change.He was named the best lecturer of WINDAYS 2008 while his lecture was also voted as the best.In addition, he was in TOP 10 lecturers at the MS SINERGY 2009 and MS VISIA 2009, 2010.


  1. MS Project Update Project Home. Before you updating the project plan. MS Project uses the status date for calculations to determine remaining work.

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