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As it became known that Jameel was a Saudi heartthrob, the backlash commenced.Some mistakenly identified Jameel as a member of Saudi’s ruling royal and suddenly, Jameel became responsible for the Saudi Government’s multiple human rights abuses; for the nation’s grotesque wealth inequality; for the House of Saud’s continued subjugation of women. The rituals, the ongoing conditioning about bad girls and good girls is all around her at home, within community, and so she will always be scared to take that step further. I’m Arab and I know a lot about the community I come from and I have been living in England for years. She knew that from day one but then the logic kicked in. The years of belief, customs, traditions, religions and GUILT kicks in.So, the other friction is..she…can’t make her mind up. You don’t even bother because if she is like this right now, what do you think she be like when the shit hits the fan? One minute she’s into you and a week later, she be talking full of shit about how she must practise her faith, how she is religious, how she follows the Quran. This is social construct and it has been with us before you and I was born. You do it because you believe in whatever you are embracing. I love women, want to date, love music and so everything I do, is against the laws and beliefs of Islam.I have met women just like that and because I have years of experience, been there, it doesn’t take much for me to walk away right there and then. Mostly everything I like to do, the religion is against it. That’s how it is and I am not going to give up on what I’m doing and that doesn’t mean someone coming to me advising me either about Islam. keep your opinions to yourself regarding what I believe. I faced bigger challenges than some individual telling me what I am.

As social media users gushed their approval, media outlets rushed to identify her handsome new love interest.

While Jameel is undeniably fabulously wealthy, Rihanna is hardly broke – her fortune is estimated at around 0m.

Both successful entrepreneurs in their own right, Jameel and Rihanna make for a well-matched (and genetically blessed) couple.

Small fish compared to what most of us had to face to live the life we wanted to live. The world she is in it that is religion, culture, traditions and then she got to also face the social construct western world of social norms favoured because “everyone says so”.

Where girls fear being ostracised, judged, labelled as sluts, too easy and whores.


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