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It's a huge convenience for you though, to unlock it without doing anything extra, as you're pressing that button anyway to turn the screen on. My worry is that this is a gateway drug to "Fingerprint protect all the things!

"My bank emailed me the other day with an announcement that I could access my account through their app via my fingerprint. My text messages are one thing by now my money is protected by just my fingerprint?

Plus the fingerprint thing is probably a bigger deal than you think Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't want a fingerprint reader on my phone?

I don't want to secure anything of importance with my fingerprint - fingerprints are usernames, not passwords.

Plus the fingerprint thing is probably a bigger deal than you think.

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Someone at the bank said, "Hey, all these new-fangled phones have fingerprint readers, why don't we tap into that and sell it as a feature?

" When everyone is doing it, no one is going to stop and ask if they should, it's just a race to incorporate the newest features.

Normal people aren't asking if this is secure, they are buying into the marketing copy pushed on them, so they start thinking that it has to be secure, because why would my bank not have my interests in mind? Mine can only deposit and view accounts, not withdraw or transfer.

The Nexus One really needed it though, since it only had 512MB of storage.

Every phone since has had enough it isn't a huge deal.


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