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Nod not updating taeyang and sandara park dating

That's fine they give paid user's first crack but don't exclude trial either i mean 2 days of no updates come on they are a business with multi servers for the updates.I can understand if they have like 2 update sites but they have alot more.

I have noticed that this afternoon, the log jam appears to be prety much gone.

But as I noted above, things have been fine since yesterday. When Eset places priority on updating customers who have paid for their service, somebody else may indeed choose to read that as caring "less" about those who are trialing for free. Those of us who've paid are glad Eset's priority at "crunch times" remains with paying customers.

If any paid user is having issues now, it's not the server/update thing. And in any case, normally there's not noticeable difference in what both class of users experience in updating.

I will be buying after the 1 month trial if the updates goes smoothly and the problem isn't because of my computer. I'm pleased that you had a positive response from the NOD32 folks.

I have never contacted them, but it's nice to know that they do respond and do care about the users.


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