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According to reports, the conditions of his parole allow the disgraced NFL star to consume alcoholic beverages, but not to excess.' Saturday Night Live' parodied Simpson entering the dating pool following his release from prison. …I wanna be judged by the content of my character …Not by the color of my skin. would run from racial issues faster than white folks would. if you go back and look at the Hertz commercials that he did, O. J.'s ticket out of the 'hood and into the limelight during a decade of tumultuous change. Simpson [1968 interview]: What they think is right. Well right now, I don't want to be involved in it because I am not in track. JOE BELL: …we knew that society as a whole would not accept you if you a member of the Black Panthers … HARRY EDWARDS | UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY PROFESSOR EMERITUS: O.

Laying a few feet away was 25-year-old Ron Goldman, a waiter and aspiring actor, who was returning a pair of sunglasses to Nicole.

SIMPSON DEFENSE ATTORNEY: It was no dream at all …There was turmoil within the defense camp all the time and thank God Johnnie Cochran was very capable of keeping a lid on it. of a black person in conflict with the police department was so front [and] center … That this was another black man bein' pursued by the LAPD. would have been out on bail and I think this would have been long ago forgotten. Simpson had a grand staircase going from the foyer up until the second floor … Marcia Clark looked at me and said, "Carl, you know damn well he didn't have all those black people on his wall" … Every television station tuned in and the world watched it all happen live.

Simpson because it brought in issues of police actions, issues of race. A.'s black community was still reeling from the horrific images of The acquittal of the officers after the King beating …This notion … CARL DOUGLAS: That previously were there of his Caucasian friends and colleagues. CARL DOUGLAS: Oh, JB, if you're on trial for murder and your lawyers want to do everything that they can to help you be found not guilty, I dare say your perspective would change, man… friend Ron Shipp, who agreed to testify about their violent marriage after prosecutors showed him gruesome crime scene photos of Nicole. Elation on one side, anger and frustration and disappointment on the other side. JIM NEWTON/FORMER LOS ANGELES TIMES REPORTER: I happened to be seated next to Fred Goldman and just … JIM NEWTON: It felt like a guy who'd built this -- a sort of beautiful life that people admired … FRED GOLDMAN: We had to find some way to get the justice that we felt Ron deserved. The prospect of another trial didn't seem to faze Simpson.

But it would all come to light New Year's Day 1989. His punishment: two years probation, a fine and community service. RON SHIPP: I said, "Well why would you tell 'em no O. " …and he goes, "Well, to be truthful Shipp," and he chuckled …"I've had dreams of killing her."JAMES BROWN: Were you convinced in your mind then that he did it? And it was in the courtroom where Fred Goldman had hoped to get justice for his son.

SYLVESTER MONROE: At the time I was a correspondent for Time magazine in Los Angeles … SYLVESTER MONROE: You know, it's the pink elephant, the 800 pound gorilla, if you will, in the room, race is always there. Both sides were keenly aware of how the jury would view the defendant O.


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