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See also final dividend, General Utilities Doctrine.

The collection of assets belonging to a debtor to be applied to the discharge of his or her outstanding debts.

Despite shuttering the business, Jawbone believes it is still worth a significant amount of money due to its pending litigation with rival Fitbit, according to the source.

Jawbone, which was once valued as high as billion by private market investors, is the latest pioneer of wearable electronics to throw in the towel.

Cargo Liquidators is able to liquidate any product through our sustainable relationships with many discount stores, and vendors across the United States.

A stock paying a liquidating dividend is indicated in stock transaction tables in newspapers by the symbol C, next to the dividend column.My experience with Cargo Liquidators was very straightforward and mutually beneficial. They are the treasure of knowledge, guidance and industry information.We look forward to working with you on future projects.Jawbone was in the process of making a shift to making "clinical-grade" wearable devices that could measure vitals like blood pressure, but the company was having trouble getting the device to work properly, sources told Business Insider.It's unclear if Jawbone Health Hub will continue work on the device.The Information was the first to report the news of Jawbone's liquidation. Jawbone stopped producing its fitness trackers last year, according to sources familiar with the company. Jawbone sold its remaining inventory to a third-party reseller at a reduced price in order to generate much-needed revenue, sources said.The company also had trouble paying some vendors for their services and was forced to cut ties with its external customer service agency, sources said.Cargo Liquidators is pleased to take a look at any inventory, and carry out business soon.READ MORE The entire process with Cargo Liquidators was seamless from the beginning until the end and they moved my excess inventory in a matter of days.All of the firm's debts must be paid before it can pay liquidating dividends. A pro rata distribution of cash or property to stockholders as part of the dissolution of a business.For example, a firm may be liquidated because the officers believe its stock price does not adequately reflect the value of its assets.


  1. Define liquidate to determine by agreement or by litigation the precise amount of indebtedness, damages, or accounts — liquidate in a sentence

  2. We Specialize in Liquidating Excess Inventories, Closeouts, and Overstocks. We are Buyers of Merchandise and Not Brokers. Our Team has over 20 years of experience in.

  3. Liquidate means to convert assets into cash or cash equivalents by selling them on the open market. Liquidate is also a term used in bankruptcy procedures in which an.

  4. Definition of liquidating dividend in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is liquidating dividend? Meaning of.

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