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Online dating leads divorce Ebony chat line

And although online dating has its perks, some people believe it is a leading factor in the increasing divorce rates throughout the world.In a recent article, Sanjay Shelat, a writer and blogger, explains that both secular and religious folks, despite having opposing views on relationships, feel that the Internet is the culprit.Because it advertises itself to those who are seeking a spouse, e Harmony may simply attract more people who are ready to settle down.A marriage-focused website, Cacioppo says, “is not appealing if you are just looking for a hookup.” Cacioppo notes one additional reason why the online world might be conducive to matchmaking — an explanation that might surprise many online daters who have met people whose bodies didn’t exactly match their pictures.

“If you have good impulse control, you may be more likely to meet your spouse [deliberately] online rather than impulsively at a bar,” he says.It makes weeding out the undesirables a lot easier than the traditional way. But overall, when someone makes a commitment to enter into a marriage, civil or religious, no amount of cyber-temptation should sway them into going astray. Online dating causing divorce rates to rise (n.d.): n. But the latest research shows that even though divorces are occurring more frequently in recent years, they are less likely to happen to people who are religious, or part of a religious community.Perhaps it is the popularity of civil unions, believes Shelat.Shelat doesn’t believe that Internet dating is all bad. In fact, it is a great way to find people with similar values and interests. Perhaps religious individuals, especially those with close ties to their religious communities, feel more pressure to stay married and behave according to their beliefs. Or maybe the support of a religious family makes it easier for couples to work through difficulties without having to turn outside of their marriages. Not surprisingly, for example, growing up together or meeting at school, through friends or through a religious group were linked with more satisfying marriages than meeting at a bar or club or on a blind date.Oddly, however, meeting at work was just as bad as finding a spouse at a bar or nightclub.


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