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Peer block not updating

Peer Block blocks "known bad" computers from accessing yours, and vice versa.Depending on the lists you have it set up to use, you can block governments, corporations, machines flagged for anti-p2p activites, even entire countries!Hosting, as well as the signed driver, is funded by donations from the public.Future donations are intended to contribute to future signed drivers, hosting and to possibly rent a virtual private server on which the team should be able to build a "real" online-update feature for future releases of Peer Block.The program allows for a user to turn on and off both IP and HTTP trackers as well as including a log showing the time, source, IP address, destination, and protocol of the tracker.A list of settings allows users to both customize their program's interface as well as its operations.If the list hasn't been updated since the last time we downloaded it, we won't attempt to download it this time, either. Bluetack has now fixed this problem on their servers, and within an hour or so the correct updated lists should now be downloaded by Peer Block.

Admin posted this in diffrent thread : "In the meantime, if you want to "force" an update you can delete all the *files in your C:\Progam Files\Peer Block\lists directory (but *not* any of the *.p2p files!! Is this the end of Peer Block or do you just not want to comment. This also meant that - which Peer Block has recommended as a "preferred list provider" ever since our users started complaining about the speed/stability issues with Bluetack's servers a year or two ago (problems which have reportedly been resolved since then) - was likewise unable to retrieve updated lists from Bluetack. It turns out that Bluetack - the folks who author e.g.In order to prevent Peer Block from hammering on list servers, prior to downloading a list we check the timestamp on that list. Is there a MOD out there that is going to comment on this or do you not know? Been a supporter for over 2 years and every time i seen or wrote a post it was responded to within 24 hours. So attempts to download lists from uk were downloading an older copy of their list files. My number for it with p2p, advertising, and spyware is 776,360,913. I know iblock has its own thing now and I was wondering if they have stopped sending list out for updates. the "Level1" list that we call the "P2P" list in Peer Block's List Manager - were having some problems with their server, such that list updates were not correctly being spread to all their mirror servers.The fact remains: the Peer Guardian list servers are notoriously unreliable, and I still strongly recommend that people update their Peer Block configuration to switch over to the lists outlined in this post.As of right now ( PM EST on 8/9/09) the servers belonging to Phoenix Labs appear to be down - or at least extremely slow to respond - and have apparently been so for most of the weekend thus far.Peer Block has multiple features in the latest version of the program.These include a constantly updating blocklist managed by the home site and a manager that lets you choose which lists to include in the block.It adds support for 32- and 64-bit Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.When the Peer Guardian project ended, its developer Phoenix Labs encouraged current Peer Guardian users to migrate to Peer Block.


  1. Jul 5, 2017. Also, like the other reviewers had said, this smells fishy to the extreme, has It's own whitelist that blocks the Chinese Asia etc but not USA or UK. Peer Guardian for Linux is the way to go but you'll need Ubuntu or Debian for it to work with all blocklists free and able to update. I recommend NOT trying to install.

  2. Feb 19, 2016. I can't see any lists there that are specifically p2p though, for instance, like the iBlocklist one that used to be a default list with Peerblock. Logethica likes. Not. It did until recently by including iBlocklist's anti-p2p lists as one of its free default lists. Now you simply get a message saying 'subscription required'.

  3. The truth is though, that the only way to block every malicious peer is to block every single IP address on earth then you'd have zero peers. Any person or organization that is determined to monitor your torrent activity is not going to be deterred by the fact that their IP address got blocked. There are companies who's entire.

  4. Apr 12, 2017. Works without fail 100% easy Fix.

  5. PeerBlock has multiple features in the latest version of the program. These include a constantly updating blocklist managed by the home site and a manager that lets you choose which lists to include in the block. The program allows for a user to turn on and off both IP and HTTP trackers as well as including a log showing.

  6. Nov 17, 2015. In Peerblock, in Lists Manager, click ADD to add a new list. Call it what you want maybe "Level 1 iBlock" and add that URL to BLOCK items on that list. Rinse and Repeat for edu, ad, spyware and maybe. Spider or spyder crawlers. Now you should feel a little better using it and not get an update nag.

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