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Even with continued conditioning and self-training, Mitsuru's support range eventually reached its limit, given that her Persona was primarily battle-oriented more than anything else.After the rescue and induction of Fuuka Yamagishi to SEES, Mitsuru returns to the front lines.Mitsuru is calm, confident, mature, responsible, wise and very intelligent despite being a high school student.However, she may be interpreted as slightly arrogant, conceited, or overconfident.

Before the protagonist joins, and even to a degree after he joins, Mitsuru serves as the leader of SEES due to her natural talent for leadership.In the summer, however, she wears a white sleeveless turtleneck shirt and black pants.As with the rest of SEES, Mitsuru wears a swimsuit during the excursion at Yakushima.Mitsuru is also very insistent with the team keeping their grades up, going so far as to sign them up for summer classes behind their backs. For example, when the female protagonist is elected leader, Junpei is annoyed because "he's the only guy in the group." Mitsuru sternly tells Junpei, "Whether one is a man or woman doesn't factor into it.The responsibility falls to those who have the gift.She previously wore a red ribbon with a green gem, a white puffy blouse, a red skirt, white stockings, and brown shoes.In her middle school years, she is seen wearing the standard summer school uniform and a black sweater vest. I will face it head on, carrying out my father's will! Her eyes are brown, although they have sometimes been portrayed with hints of red. And we have promised to never lose hope, no matter what tomorrow may bring. The hue of the hair can sometimes appear vivid red or dark red.Mitsuru has battled the Shadows longer than any of the other members of SEES, having been trained since a young age to use her Persona.From the start of the game, Mitsuru uses her Persona ability aided with special devices to provide battle information and support for the party on the early stages of exploring Tartarus.


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