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Polycom phone updating initial configuration

Asterisk Bulk Provisioning Polycom Phones tutorial Set up and start up your TFTP server and make sure the files from the Boot ROM and the SIP archives are un ZIPped and in the root TFTP directory.

By default, the root TFTP directory is tftpboot, but this may be different on your machine if someone has changed it.

I've seen mention elsewhere of having to put in special stuff for Polycom phones, but I've not had to do it with the firmware I'm using.

I think the default files need to be there originally for proper functionality, even if they're not customized.)All the prelim work is done now, so assemble and power up your Poly Com 501, and be ready to hit buttons as soon as you apply power. In most cases, you will leave the DHCP Client field Enabled and just let it grab an IP off the wire.

Some other points which might be important to you are that the GXP-2000 boots up much faster than the 501 (50 seconds for the GXP-2000, three minutes for the 501) and the 501 is very sensitive to power failures during bootup.

If there is a power loss during the "Updating initial configuration..." phase, the config file that is written to the local flash will become corrupt and the the phone will be locked in an eternal boot cycle.

About the Polycom 501If you're reading this to see how good certain phones are with Asterisk, let me tell you that the Polycom 501 has excellent features, but is a pain to configure and very tempermental.

I've used Soyo phones (they're the worst all around), ip Dialog phones (they're only a little better) and Grandstream's GXP-2000.


  1. The phone will d. Jump to content. Polycom Phones ; PolyCom 430 not booting. The phone will display "Updating Initial configuration" for quite some time and.

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