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Doctors had to operate for three hours to repair the damage caused by the 'brutal' attack, and the girl is now recovering.

The Press Trust of India said the girl's 27-year-old cousin had been arrested and charged under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, meaning he could face a life sentence.'The worst has happened,' tweeted Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Commission for Women, after visiting the girl in hospital.'An eight-month-old baby has been brutally raped in the Capital and is battling for her life in a hospital.'A UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2014 said one in three rape victims in India was a minor and expressed alarm over widespread sex abuse against children.

A young woman was violently attacked at a nightclub and later went to hospital to be treated for her injuries - only to be stunned to discover the doctor was the same man who she alleged had assaulted her.

The medic is seen in a shocking video battering Anastasia Dmitrieva for a second time in the treatment room of the hospital in Neryungri, eastern Russia.

A sexual assault exam performed later at a hospital confirmed evidence of DNA on the victim that didn’t belong to him, according to the criminal complaint.

Gamboa was considered “like a mentor” to the teen, who told investigators the teacher helped him with his homework since he did not speak English fluently, KTRK reports.

Please, forgive me, for I dare to travel alone as a woman. Cant believe the ordeal i had to go thru but being silent is a crime! I'm saying--"Girl: "So you want to say that you want to give me a written apology for misbehaving with me."Alleged harasser: "For touching you, I want to give you a written-- I request you."Girl: "Why did you do that? I'll keep quiet."Alleged harasser: "I made a mistake. "Alleged harasser: "But that's why it's a mistake, otherwise I would say--"Girl: "Is there a woman in your home? I'm a father of a girl."Alleged harasser: "I'm a father of a girl also but I--"Girl: "You are a father of a girl! I pity that girl."Alleged harasser (talking to the unidentified man): "Look, when someone...

Don't think [sic]."Man: [unintelligible]Girl: "Yes, I have purposefully done that. "This man on the seat behind mine, put his fingers in the seat gap to touch me!!! He thought like usual girls will keep quiet and he can get away with this! He is a very rich man of bhubaneswar and is now very humiliated in front of the people who know him. "Alleged harasser: "No, it's a mistake."Unidentified man: "It is not intentional? "Alleged harasser: "But if the person apologises, we will forgive him."Girl: "Oh, okay, you'll forgive him. We'll talk to her then."Alleged harasser: "Kindly [unintelligible] that's family."Unidentified man: "I'm a father.

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After saying he wasn’t feeling well, the teen then fell asleep on Gamboa’s couch, where the substitute teacher performed oral sex on him.Gamboa remained held on ,000 bail as of Tuesday at a jail in Harris County. Officials from the Spring Independent School District said that when they learned of the allegations, Gamboa was immediately removed from the district’s substitute pool.“The safety of our students is our highest priority,” district officials said in a statement to KHOU.Ms Dmitrieva, believed to be aged 20, went to the hospital so that her injuries could be registered, allowing her to make a complaint to police over the nightclub incident, as well as to get treatment for her wounds.Health chiefs rejected the doctor's explanation that at the nightclub he had been defending a midwife who was attacked by a gang of women.Manuel Alejandro Gamboa, a 35-year-old former substitute teacher at Dekaney High School in Harris County, appeared in court Friday after his arrest Wednesday on charges of improper relationship with a student and sexual assault, KTRK reports.Gamboa, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the station, invited the 17-year-old male student to his Harris County apartment June 3 before plying the teen with beer.An eight-month-old girl is fighting for her life after allegedly being raped by her 27-year-old cousin in India.The girl was rushed to hospital on Sunday after her parents returned home from work to their home in Delhi to find her bed covered in blood. If you ever do this again, you'll remember this episode. I'll make sure I make a complaint."Man: "I'm sorry about it. I already faced the humiliation."Unidentified man: "Okay, please.


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  2. Oct 12, 2017. India's Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that sex with an underage wife constitutes rape, in a landmark ruling that campaigners say could affect millions of girls. The decision overturned a previous clause that permitted men to have sex with a married girl as young as 15, the Indian Express reports.

  3. Feb 2, 2015. The video appears to have been shot on an Indigo flight to Bhubaneswar, India.

  4. Jan 26, 2018. A pair of Russian newlyweds have become the first same-sex couple to have their marriage recognised in their home country, after finding an apparent legal loophole.

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