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Read double your dating

The guys who don’t receive good feedback are not invited back, thus ensuring they always maintain a high level of guest speakers.

Lastly, it must be said that much of De Angelo’s material is more theoretical than practical.

David De Angelo is one of the most important names in pickup, because of five simple words: “Attraction is not a choice.” When De Angelo published his seminal work, “Double Your Dating,” it reverberated around the pickup community like a thunderbolt.

De Angelo had discovered and articulated crucial, vital truths about women and dating.

(Although I’ve heard great things about the experiences people who attended his lectures have had, after hours, learning from David’s various guest lecturers informally.) This is not a criticism.

In fact, sometimes it makes much of his work timeless.

“The things I was learning from books and seminars… “By hanging out with guys who intuitively got the attraction game, watching what they did, modeling them, and understanding their beliefs and how they saw the world — that was how I figured it out.

I started to see patterns that no one else was talking about anywhere else.” David’s newfound knowledge and desire to help millions of lonely single men is what inspired him to create Double Your Dating LLC.

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This is simply put, one of the most powerful tools ever created by any pick up artist.

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David De Angelo is your average guy who’s figured out what genuinely works with women — no tricks, no games, no manipulation.

Let there be no doubt about it: some of De Angelo’s audio and video material has to rank as among the very best material ever produced on pickup.

His “Advanced Dating Techniques” series is truly excellent, picking up where “Double Your Dating” left off.


  1. Sep 12, 2005. Never have either of these women read or listened to David Deangelo's material. I'll firstly tell you why. David Deangelo's material does not. 1. Take advantage of vulnerable guys with no self esteem. 2. Teach to use "corny rehearsed cocky shit" 3. Work on brainless girls. Double Your Dating does not take.

  2. David's newfound knowledge and desire to help millions of lonely single men is what inspired him to create Double Your Dating LLC. We spoke with David to learn more about his process of sharing tips based on his experiences, including how to approach women, avoid rejection, read body language, and build.

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