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Russell peters and sunny leone dating

And for Sunny too, Weber is nothing less than a knight in shining armour. Even though Sunny had clearly stated that she was a bisexual, her relationships leaned more towards the men than women.

Her first publically acknowledged relationship was with Matt Erickson, the Vice President of the marketing department of the Playboy magazine.

Sunny, with the help of Matt, had opened her own production house and was trying out different things to set the adult film world on fire.

From lesbian to multiple partners’ porn, Sunny started appearing in many of them herself.

A few more dates here and there and Sunny had no doubts about Daniel anymore.

The couple tied the knot in 2009 in a Sikh and Jewish ceremony.

She is ravishing, a power-packed talent house, a brilliant dancer and undoubtedly an absolutely amazing personality; but despite all this, establishing herself in Bollywood has not been an easy feat for the diva, Sunny Leone.

Transitioning from adult movies in Hollywood to taking up lead female star’s space on the big screen in Bollywood, Sunny has broken a number of stereotypes and public perceptions, one film and one interview at a time.

Even though she was named one of the 12 top porn stars in the business by the prestigious magazine in 2010, Sunny had her sights set on diversification, and with that she entered mainstream events and promotions, finally working her way into mainstream cinema.Matt too starred with Sunny in many of her films which went on to give them huge moolahs.It was during this phase that the couple decided to tie the knot and got engaged in 2007.However, their closeness was short-lived as Sunny soon decided to part ways in 2008.It was reported that when Sunny started making headlines for her stint in , her former fiancé, Matt, started selling their pornographic videos online and made a lot of money.What started out as a regular business meeting, soon blossomed into something more.The duo started hanging out together and even went on to make a couple of steamy pornographic films together.In fact, it took Daniel over two months to finally make a place for himself in Sunny’s heart.Sunny and Daniel met for the first time in Las Vegas when Sunny was the reigning queen of the adult industry.The couple sat together for over five hours, sitting, talking and laughing.In fact, such was their chemistry that Sunny sent him a huge bouquet and an apology note for being so self-absorbed in the last two months.


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