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I paid for and sent flowers and she told me there were actually fake flowers. If I do not go on walk, I listen to music, I read the book, I watch TV, I knit, I make various homework And I THINK OF YOU! I gave this woman my phone number, she actually called my house (San Diego, California) and left a message on my answering machine.So I would like to report these 3 women because they scammed me and I'm sure other men right now as well. 2) Unknown 3) Unknown Money requests: --------------- 1) Money was requested to be sent to a bank in Chelyabinsk. I am divorced and she already new this, I am now 39 one child, White Australian, Working in a family business.My name is Paul and my email address is [email protected] can help you to put in a claim with the Russian authorities...need our help in order to commence prosecution of this ring of scammers. After several emails back and forth with each other. She first acquired a visa and later purchased an airline ticket to San Francisco. Who's ever doing this is playing with our feelings. I asked them how I can reach San Francisco and how much it costs.

So if you would add these women to your site I would appreciate it. Money was to be sent to: IMPEXBANK CHELYABINSKIY 71 LENINSRIY prospekt CHELYABINSK, RUSSIAN FEDERATION 454048 for Elena Filippova. 2) Similar requests for money, money was to be sent to: Irina Baholdina AKKOBANK MIRA, 40 SURGUT 628400 RUSSIA Tel: (7 ) (346) 2281482 This person did send 5 to the above address. Final Ending of Story: ---------------------- 1) I stopped responding to her e-mails, she is still e-mailing me as of March 18th. She cannot believe that she has found you in such a big world.They must be having lots of luck, so I think yahoo and the other services should do more to block them out and warn it's subscribers. She told me she was a caring and sensual and sexual person, what a joke, I was sick one night when I was there and all she would do was be rude to me and say I do not want to look after someone that is sick it is annoying me. Western Union is the only way for me to get your money. My last photo was made last summer while I was on the Black Sea. it all, watch out for her she is special in her field. I recieved 8 letters before I recieved letter to send money western union for visa and airline tickets, I was not aware of scams in Russia at time and sent money for airline and visa.I am talking to several real woman in Russia and the difference in their letters is amazing. Because it so loudly rattle, that I jump as scalded. She told me she was a virgin after we met so that I would not try to do anything. so if you really want me to be with you, the only way for us is to use Western Union. One friend of mine receives money from her brother via Wester Hello, my dear! An act of love need not be A gesture great or grand.... But as looked into it, I found out about how it works to get visa. lief vi kos maak, di buite lewe en n rustige aandjie saam mt my geliefdes. ek ht n goeie sin vir humor en ht n positiewe uitkyk op di lewe, bja hardwerkend. Whenever I tried to kiss her she would turn away or pretend that she had to go and do something. Dear, in my country only very rich people have their own bank accounts. Friendship may be a simple thing But lots of love, it can bring Things to share and talk about It's something you just cannot do without All your life, Friendship lasts Through the years, you will look back Remembering the laughs and the happy times Along with the cries and sorry sighs Friendship can never come apart Especially when it's straight from the heart Friendships do not die. They begin to write letters to each other through Internet. I do not know why but my mood is a bit sad today ;-(! And maybe my latter will be serious and not very romantic. One friend of mine (her name is Marina) invited me to her birthday party. I cannot say that we are good friends and I was a bit surprised when she asked me to come to her party. But there were only girls there and this boy - Max - felt not very comfortable I think. The third time I knew something was up and refused to send money and have not herd from her since. In which they have put on a block for all money to Maria Zolotova. You would know how many pleasures, you have brought for me that have answered on my letter!She came with me to Kiev when I left to see me leave it was my suggestion, she still could not come to a decision about marrying me and said she would tell me in her next letter when I returned to Australia. Love is helping one another Love is mutual respect. They continue to grow So be sure to cherish the friendships you Know. I want to tell you how great it to have a person to whom I can trust and with whom I can share every my dream and idea! I have never thought that I can be so frank with the man whom I have never seen. It seems to me that I know you for about ten years. And they became very good friends and even began to love. But in the morning I was listening to the radio and on one local radio station there was a discussion about the war in Iraq. But then I understood that this party was simply the way for her to introduce us her new boyfriend. And Marina tried to show how he liked her all the time but he did not want to show his fillings and emotions to unknown people. Now I understand, that people in your country really responsible! Today I came into computer club and has seen your letter, I was delighted very much and at once have begun to write the answer, I hope, that I am like you.In return they charge a correspondence fee for their services and we need to take care of it so we can continue our communication. Thank you very much for letter and your compliment to me , it is very sweet. You are learning to be a translator, what languages are you learning to translate? but unfortunately this letter can be the last one because our correspondence fees are not covered yet and the Agency will not provide me with your next letter. Love is what I have in my heart that makes life worth living. We have firm in our city which makes the documents for people who want to leave the country.I feel very uncomfortable and ashamed to request your help on this but this is our only chance to stay in touch with each other. I hope that your interest to develop our bond will not fade or disappear but will grow into a serious and beautiful romantic relationship. Peter, I liked you and do not want to lose a contact with you. "Ukrainian stars"is the only possible way to correspond through the computer since I can't do it on my own. Yes, dear, it is great that I have found the travel agency, which can help me. I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for registration.I have no computer and for our country to pay for Internet services is very difficult. But as you know the prices in the agency are a bit different. We have defined a type of the visa and it's type which allows to marry in the future but if it will be not realize I must return to my country after ninety days it's limit for visa.I wish to continue to correspond with you and to develop our relations because I want to take them seriously. I told with their manager and at first she suggested me to buy a tour to the States. I asked about prices and was very surprised, first I ask about time of performance and they said that there is many people who wants to make documents and leave the country But if I'll make the application now, and pay for it now, they will make all documents not more than two weeks, and if I'll not make the application, documents will be prepared not earlier than two or three months because there are many people who wants to do it.


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