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ONLY worth billion now: Once the richest family on earth the heirs of (from left) Laurance Rockefeller, Abby Rockefeller, John D.

As a result the family responsible for RAIDand Ziploc bagas are worth billion.10: Dan Duncan struck oil in Texas in and left billion to his children when he died in 2010.

Forbes have published a list which names the publishing giants family as the 6th richest in the nation worth, billion The state with the second highest total wealth is Arkansas with 8 billion, but that comes from only three families, the Waltons, with 2 billion, the Stephens with billion and the Tysons with .8 billion. Cox (right) purchased the Dayton Evening News in 1898.

Today the company he started includes Cox Communications and Auto Trader Group.

Liquor, Louisville, KY21 Carlson family, .3 B, Two, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel, Minnetonka, MN22 Fisher family, .2 B, Four (EST.) , The Gap, San Francisco, CA23 Butt family, .1 B, Five, Supermarkets, San Antonio, TX24 Rockefeller family, B, 200 (EST.), Oil, New York, NY25 Gallo family, .7 B, 14 (EST.), Liquor, Modesto, CA26 Marshall family, .3 B, Three, Diversified, Dallas, TX27 Bass family, .1 B, Four, - Fort Worth, TX28 Meijer family, .9 B, Four, Supermarkets, Grand Rapids, MI29 Bechtel family, B, Four, EST.), Construction, Engineering San Francisco, CA29 Reyes family, B, Three, Food & Beer Distrubution, Chicago, IL29 Simplot family, B, Three(EST.), Agribusiness, Boise, ID32 Rales family, .9 B, Two, - Potomac, MD33 Rollins family, .8 B, Eleven, Orkin, Atlanta, GA34 E. Scripps family, .5 B, 50 (EST.), Newspapers, Cincinnati, OH35 Crown family, .3 B, Three (EST.), Investments, Wilmette, IL36 Stryker family, .2 B, Three, Inheritance, Kalamazoo, MI37 Smith family, B, 60 (EST.), Tools, Chicago, IL38 Pigott family, .9 B, 30, Paccar Inc, Bellevue, WA39 Shoen family, .8 B, 13 (EST.), U-Haul, Phoenix, AZ39 Simon family, .8 B, Five, Shopping Malls, Indianapolis, IN41 Le Frak family, .5 B, Four (EST.), Le Frak Group, New York, NY42 Hughes family, .1 B, Three, Public Storage Inc. Carnegie Steel, Bessemer Trust, New York, NY44 Kluge family, B, Five (EST.), TVstations, Investments, New York, NY44 Tisch family, B, Five - New York, NY46 Johnson family, .9 B, 60 (EST.), Johnson&Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ47 Marriott family, .7 B, Seven (EST.), Hotels, Bethesda, MD48 Kohler family, .6 B, Two, Plumbing products, Sinks, Kohler, WI48 Perot family, .6 B, Two - Dallas, TX50 Barbey family, .4 B, 12 (EST.), Textiles, Apparel, Greensboro, NC51 Gore family, .3 B, 24 (EST.), Gore-Tex, Newark, DE52 Jenkins family, .2 B, 25, Publix Super Markets, Lakeland, FL52 Simmons family, .2 B, Three, Inherited, Dallas, TX54 France family, B - Auto racing Daytona Beach, FL54 Getty family, B, 28, Getty Oil -54 Moran family, B, 10 (EST), Toyota distribution Deer Field Beach, FL57 Van Andel family, .7 B, Four (EST.), Amway, Ada, MI58 Durst family, .4 B, 33, Real estate, New York, NY58 Glazer family, .4 B, 21, Sports teams, Realestate, Palm Beach, FL58 Mc Caw family, .4 B, Five, Telecom, Hunts Point, WA58 Rudin family, .4 B , 30 (EST.), Real estate, New York, NY62 Chao family, .3 B, Three, Chemicals, Houston, TX62 Haslam family, .3 B, Four, Truckstops, Cleveland Browns, Knoxville, TN64 Alfond family, .2 B, Ten (EST.), Dexter Shoe, Portland, ME64 Wirtz family, .2 B, Eleven, Alcohol distribution, Chicago, IL66 Chandler family, B, 200 (EST.), Newspapers, Los Angeles, CA66 Stephens family, B, Five (EST.), Dataservices, Birmingham, AL68 Ingram family, .8 B, Five, Book distribution, Transportation, Nashville, TN69 Nordstrom family, .7 B, 11, Department stores, Seattle, WA70 Pohlad family, .6 B, 20 (EST.), Realestate, Banking, Sports, Minneapolis, MN71 Gund family, .5 B, 15 (EST.), Inheritance (Sanka, Banking, Cleveland, OH 71 Schneider family, .5 B, 20 (EST.), Trucking, Green Bay, WI73 Davidson family, .4 B, 10 - Auburn Hills, MI73 Ricketts family, .4 B, Six, Ameritrade, Omaha, NE75 Friedkin family, .3 B, Two, Toyota distribution, Houston, TX76 Steinbrenner family, .1 B, Five, New York Yankees, New York, NY77 Haas family, B, Nine, Chemicals, Philadelphia, PA77 Milstein family, B, Six (EST.), Realestate, New York, NY77 Stephens (Warren, Witt & Elizabeth) family, B, Three, Investing, Little Rock, AR77 Wegman family, B, Two (EST.), Supermarkets, Rochester, NY81 Booth family, .9 B, 30 (EST.), Berkshire Hathaway, Los Angeles, CA81 Coors family, .9 B, 70 (EST.), Beer, Golden, CO81 Ueltschi family, .9 B, 20 (EST.), Pilot training, Flushing, NY84 Bancroft family, .8 B, 30 (EST.), Dow Jones&Co.

New York, NY84 Tyson family, .8 B, 10 (EST.), Tyson Foods, Springdale, AR84 Wanek family, .8 B, Two, Furniture, Arcadia, WI87 Gottwald family .7 B, Seven (EST.), Ethyl Corp, Richmond, VA87 Holding family, .7 B, Four, Oil, Resorts, Salt Lake City, UT89 Bresky family, .6 B, Three (EST.) - Chestnut Hill, MA89 Fertitta family, .6 B, Two, Sports and Gambling, Las Vegas, NV89 Hall family, .6 B, Three, Hallmark, Kansas City, MO89 Hewlett family, .6 B, 17, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA89 Magness family, .6 B, Four, Investments, Denver, CO94 John Anderson family, B, Five EST.


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