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I'm not sure where I'm staying yet, but are the hotels stingy about you bringing women back? I started driving along Victoria Parade around 10 pm on a Saturday night, did not notice any working girls asides some older Chinese girls.Next, I drove around FBC and government buildings area and the the streets behind Victoria parade, no sign of any working girls.Only some haggard and hatchet-faced harridans and annoyingly persistent poofters.Though I don't partake of this street-food smorgasbord anyway, because consorting with Nadi street girls does not usually end well. We could clearly hear conversation outside at the check-in desk of the lobby.She has a man, yet you have been fucking her for years, yet nobody knows? Maybe your $$ makes everyone not care who she fucks-like her BF-true? Setting up and replying to personal ads online can get expensive.

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If I was much younger and less ridiculous on a dance floor then I would have gone clubbing. A security guard was stationed barely metres away from us. We know how you're getting it, so how can WE get it? She couldn't answer my calls, and I sensed she was trying to ignore me. She was in another town and this made it worse as it required travel.As I walked out a girl said helo and I was desperate for pussy! Episode 2, I was in Suva again but this time decided to stay at Holiday Inn!We struck a conversation and straight went to my hotel! Saw this cute mixed lady close to holiday and tried a conversation but she ignored me! Icho I found her in the Dragon and offered drinks and she was happy to come with me to Hokuday Inn! I was back in the street and wanted to pick another but some gentleman warned me that this one was likely going to steal so I kept away!Traffic is down to a crawl and a fine pall of dust hangs over everything, including those pools of darkness along Nadi's Motel Mile where the street hookers lie in wait like sharks, circling around any beer-goggled solitary white man wending his way back to his digs from Bounty Bar or wherever.The result of this disruption is reduced abundance and quality of the selection on offer.Last year I had inexplicably cracked a woody not long after "the Turn" and she, sympathizing with my view that no hard-on should ever go to waste but acting clearly in contravention of House Rule clause 27 sub-section (c), had masturbated me to a fine climax. She would not get undressed in case somebody came to the spa. She began grinding away on me until she reached a small orgasm (about 2. We did doggy style to finish, with her bent over the end of the massage bed with skirt bunched up above her waist and pressing back hard on me with her round brown buttocks against my pumping hips. Mik, any clues about the Samabula place with Fijian girls? Hi guys, Its been long since someone has posted anything good in here. Another one is salato street not really sure of the name but its next to cakes 2000 Indian and Chinese massages there, its really good for massage. We know how you're getting it, so how can WE get it? I think I wanted to say in Fiji, it's a waste of time trying to screw those girls on the streets. On afew occasions, I have fucked a lot of other girls. I been on this site since 2005, and never have I seen a Fiji pic! I think of that telephone commercial from years ago when I hear Fiji. I sneaked under the cover of darkness and there I was drinking with her and it was time for real action.This time there was a flicker of recognition from her, but she acted properly and professionally while engaging in the usual chit-chat ("How do you like Fiji? After "the Turn" she expertly manipulated my pecs, then my abs, then my inner thighs, until finally. She kept her sulu I jaba top and skirt in place, though she dropped her panties to the floor and hoisted up her bra. And so wet down in between, after I had spent 5 mins sucking on her long teats. The mongering is better in Suva, but Nadi can at times surprise you. Is it the one opposite the auto parts place, in the side road going in from the junction on the other side of the main road opposite Colourmart? Recently I've made good friends with one of the massage girls from Raiwaqa, she's really good, I prefer taking her out to a room that way she's able to make money and doesn't have to give half the cash to her ***** boss. There is just too much decent pussy around for free except for drinks that girls love. In this case I stayed at same hotel and went into the bar are and found this girl drinking alone and we chatted and bought a few drinks. She could be a working girl but I don't like to call her a working girl. Your trick is befriend those working in restaurants on shops and invite them for drinks. They just love to drink and have fun and will refuse money. She has a man, yet you have been fucking her for years, yet nobody knows? Maybe your $$ makes everyone not care who she fucks-like her BF-true? I went doggy and in no time she was screaming and I kept pounding her with condom of course.I think its better to get hold of a local girl from a massage place and take her to a hotel that way the girl will be happy and so will you.There are a lot of places around but we have to look for it. Well, the road along Martintar is a fine mess I must say, with all the road works going on to widen the thoroughfare. Hey guys, I am heading to Fiji for 6 nights next week.I will read the reports below, but anyone got any recommendations as to where the best places are?


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