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Sex dating in rugeley staffordshire

This campaign aims to address this by raising awareness of what dating abuse is; encouraging victims to report their abuse and highlighting local support agencies.It provides young people with the opportunity to discuss issues with their friends and gain a better understandiong of healthy relationships.

I was promised Jason Snape would not be able to return to Rugeley by my own family officer who ‘cared’ for me and my case!

Words cannot describe how let down and angry I feel about the entire situation as for the doubters who say he has done his time and should live a normal life…..

What about the sick vulnerable feeling I get knowing he is in this tiny tiny town, could be in the pub I go to, could be behind me in the Morrison’s queue!!

They gave me the option to put a radius around Rugeley he could not turn to. But in the week of release I had a call saying he was released and could go anywhere he wanted too, but had chose to go to the Newcastle area.

The promise was taken away from me, as I was no longer a minor when he was released!


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