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The female partner needs to have the courage and fortitude to sincerely express what she wants from her mate with respect to physical intimacy, as it changes over time.Likewise, the male partner needs to authentically listen and do his best to comply.After two doses he finally admitted she didn’t even notice.

intercourse) is no longer that interesting for their maturing partner.However, I suspected there was something more going on here than what was meeting the eye.Author’s Note: the following is based upon observations made by myself and my partner who happens to be post-menopausal.When I offered to help my friend, he simply said: “Thanks, but that is just the way it is.” This is clearly a difficult subject for most couples because it is tied to so many primal fears associated with our standard Sexual Operating System.The danger here, however, is that resignation almost always turns into resentment.Intercourse for most women during and after menopause can be uncomfortable, if not downright painful. First of all, vaginal dryness typically associated with menopause can cause great discomfort during traditional intercourse.And, add on top of that a British university study which indicates that most women of any age are not all that into intercourse to begin with.Physiologically speaking, intercourse is typically not the most pleasurable way most women can experience sex.Direct clitoral stimulation almost always trumps penetration.This can be inferred from their research showing approximately 87% of all women (regardless of age) “moan” or vocalize during intercourse to: a) boost their man’s self-image as a lover, and b) speed things up (i.e. Also, based upon my own observations, a majority of women hesitate to authentically tell their partner what they really want in the bedroom.This is out of fear that the man will become hurt, angry, and ultimately abandon them.


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