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Sophos endpoint configure updating

If you use a browser's Windows 8 Modern UI application to access a malicious website, and you click the toast that Sophos Anti-Virus displays, the browser is minimized and the desktop is displayed instead. Sophos web protection and web control use a Layered Service Provider (LSP) to intercept network traffic.

If web protection or web control is turned on while an incompatible third-party LSP is running, system instability can occur.

In the advanced Firewall Policy configuration dialog, under After upgrading to Windows 10 a computer with a standalone installation of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control that includes Sophos Client Firewall, the firewall configuration cannot be applied.

The following errors are logged in the firewall system log: After an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the firewall Windows 7 driver is migrated but cannot be loaded and may cause a system error when the computer is booted.

column in Sophos Enterprise Console after a major Sophos Auto Update upgrade on an endpoint and until the next endpoint update.

This happens because not all of the old threat identity (IDE) files are being deleted on upgrade; they are then deleted during the next update.

Hi All, Recently our Sophos standalone license expired, so we bought a new license (all good so far).

This happens if a file with a file name beginning with "program" is present in the root of the system drive.

I have double, triple checked the license info and it's right.

Have tried a complete remove then reinstall but all with no success.

Therefore, if a third-party LSP that is known to be incompatible is already installed on the computer, the Sophos LSP is not installed. Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is supported on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/2012/Windows 10.

For a full list of system requirements, see System Requirements for Antivirus protection for Windows.


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