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You're right of course in spreading enormous amounts of utter and complete shit about the glories of the Fatherland, but that's to drag them in. Indeed, it was the observation of cats that first tipped me off to the potential of mastering the space-time continuum. You turn the revolutionary beauty of our motherland into a tawdry objectification of female body.Meanwhile, have you any Chilean Sea Bass, abalone, or dolphin meat I would greatly enjoy some. Why you never show the heroic breasts that give strength to the newborn Socialist state?That is proof of a diet which consists of more than a few moldy beets and a rotten potato. Proper Party-Approved Peasants™ (or PAPs™) are all young, beautiful, strong, and ready to put their backs (and whatever other Party-Approved™ body parts) to work for the good of the Motherland! Which is why I posted the picture of Dear Grandma Natasha above. I understand that it means "men lying with men," but isn't that just the stock-in-trade of the Czars, and Obowma's cabinet, hangers-on, sycophants, and most important, Tele Promp Ters? As Commissar of Time™, you certainly would understand the curious time-space continuum we cats frequently move into and out of. And anyway, we have enough funny people in the collective. These are the people who gave rise to the joke: Why don't Baptists make love standing up? Or it's an ecumenical world when the Baptists and the Church of Christers start drinking in front of each other.Now, don't take this as a Comrade jac, I do not think that you really understand the purpose of the Kollective. For after all, she still has three teeth left, and can chew seal hides to soften them and so is still a valued and worthy addition to the Kollective. Your generosity in offering the safe return of said caviar is most gratifying, and I gladly offer any fresh seafood offering - from a non-gulf location, of course - for your dining enjoyment. Komrades I am troubled by such display of decadent neo-kapitalist vulgarity.Wouldn't you rather see her show up for the SOTU address with her butt dimples on display?Thanks to Michelle, think of all the millions of women out there who'll feel so much more comfortable about letting their own butt dimples show while they shop at Wal-Mart.I'm afraid that my art collection cannot show the ideological purity hiding in some comrades.

And I am very disappointed that so far no one has remarked on the obvious in certain pictures--or haven't they noticed because they're so busy drooling over all the glorious T & A?

I know I've trotted this picture out before but it bears repetition Looking at that you would never know that beneath his formidable pecs beats a heart of Socialist gold. And if dear Fraulein P is reading this, my apologies. Consider what the Blonde on Pig could do for pork production, to say nothing of reminding young proles of the glamour of field and factory! I am a cat, and as such I tend to come and go away again with inexplicable timing. By this I mean just how much money have you been able to extract for The People from the cathouses of the Kunming linguists? Although I did use the term "exit wound big enough to drive a humvee through" when Bruno wouldn't stop. I'll have you know I spent most of the day disguised as a capitalist at Olympia's Gay Pride festival. We've had salesmen call us asking us if we want our share of Obama money.

Behind those buns is a steely determination to vanquish the fascist. Which is why I posted the picture of Dear Grandma Natasha above. Of course our Socialist Women are the best and most well endowed in the world. Regarding my affairs in Kunming, let me assure you I will devote a chapter in the memoirs I am writing for Random House to the linguists. Why I saw a man with a pony tail, vampire fangs, and a pink tutu engage in a feather dance. Regretfully was unable to get pictures due to camera problems. I was so shocked that I It is a real poster; I didn't alter anything except adding the English caption at the top and the TPC stamp at the bottom.

Avoiding police on the highway is key to winning....'unofficially' The best record time is 32 hours and 7 minutes.

) The driver used every tech gadget you can imagine.


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