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Here are the selections for 2014:“Sasquatch in the Paint” by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld“The Testing” by Joelle Charbonneau“W. Stinson Middle School San Antonio Public Library Texas Library Association's Lone Star Reading List “Different kids read at such different levels and different levels of sophistication,” she said.

“We feel so strongly about kids making their own decisions, but, when asked, we love to make recommendations.” Some library branches do their own activities to help expose readers to a variety of genres.

The Parman Branch in Stone Oak has book blind dating, where librarians cover the books in plain brown paper and write a few descriptive, enticing sentences to encourage kids to pick them up.

In addition, reading guides for kids and teens are posted online at along with blog entries, recommendations and upcoming events.

Coming up, she plans to have all the books in the activity be from the Lone Star Reading List, which is compiled each year specifically for middle school-aged kids by the Texas Library Association.

Student #2 listens attentively and also marks his/her text to indicate person #1’s passage choices.

(This helps those who aren’t as strong at annotating gather ideas from those who are maybe stronger.) Step 3: Reverse.

Then I invited a student to the front to have a reading “date” with me. Step 1: Introduce yourself and shake hands Step 2: Student #1 tells student #2 where his/her passage is in the text and reads it aloud.

S/he then explains how they see this passage connecting to one (or more) of the thematic statements on the board.


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