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Speed dating rsvp

Living in a small mining town in regional Qld and working a lot in my job at that time meant it was difficult to meet people who wanted more than just to hook up so I tried internet dating.I chose RSVP because I thought I would meet people who were looking for a relationship.

I have not used the site recently but cannot fault my experience with RSVP Decided to try this site for what's its worth.He continues to be your most prolific user and I urge everyone to do background checks on dates before you get conned like me. Various quality of members - no complaints on that front and you can control who you speak to. Lacking Duty of Care in monitoring scammers/fake profiles using the site.Oh and I'm no dumb bunny he just has many years of practice and as it turns out a criminal record for assault on a previous partner. Their definition of Customer Service is rude; unskilled; keyboard bogans.Motivation appears to be money grubbing over service.Risky when there are so many other dating products available these days.I recently took advantage of what appeared to be a one-off deal for involving me receiving 3 stamps and premium membership for 1 month and after finding a partner through the site I had set my profile to "taking a break" from RSVP.Unbeknown to me, despite obviously no longer being active on the site, I continue to be charged at a rate p/month.I suspect online dating will end in tears for some, and a waste of money for many. This site is full of scammers, fake and OLD profiles.The cost of stamps is ridiculously high unless you get a bulk discount offer which is still over 0 and offers NO Guarantee on any dates and contacts expire after 30 days. RSVP is very expensive to use when no one replies to messages.Hopefully you never have an issue that requires assistance.I have been on and occasionally off RSVP for the last 5 years.


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