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Learn more about solutions→ Coraid is the storage appliance brand of South Suite, Inc and the next chapter in a 16 year journey. The organization grew rapidly until the recession of 2008.

As sales plummeted globally, Coile was left with a difficult decision: lay off half the staff or seek venture funding.

Number five is Elsa’s Rule of Ten; up to ten years younger or ten years older. I have never witnessed such long term, drop to the ground, doubled over, teary eyed laughter as when I read the list to my friends. After being convinced that it could never happen, it was like meeting Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster or seeing the Easter Bunny hide eggs in the living room or Santa Clause making toys at the North Pole. My grandchildren loved him, my adult children were not so sure. After opening it he said, “I know just one guy who uses one of these and he is a nerd.” Strike one. Many times I watched him hunt for golf tees, balls and shoes in his full car, I was excited to find a container specifically made for a trunk to hold all things golf. Completely deflated I opened my gifts giving the best smile I could muster.

In between giggling fits I heard phrases like, “Good luck with that one! Or is he just a figment of my inexperienced imagination? At first glance he was not a bad looking guy but he became better looking when I found out that he was single, childless and wealthy. We got to his second drive which was short of my first. His next gift was a pair of beautiful glasses made specifically for the kind of wine that he most enjoyed. “I have purchased glasses at this place for other people but I would never drink from them myself,” he quipped. “I would never use this,” he said as he tossed it aside.

The more we talked the more we realized how much we had in common: tennis, golf, watching football and basketball, political swayings, beliefs, and more. I got into the cart as we drove to make our second shots.

We both traveled for our work, we both enjoyed cross country skiing, we both valued family; we both thought that we fit so well together.

This is my first attempt at making a list of B&H 16mm Projector models. Any corrections and additional information is appreciated.

Now shipping with four new hardware configurations, Coraid Ether Drive SRX now supports text/email notifications, 4K Advanced Format disk drives, VMware ESX 6.0/6.5 and more. After experiencing my own version of ‘Dates Gone Bad’, I thought it might be a good idea to come up with a list of qualifiers that could give a man some potential. Why do you think that you are allowed to tell me to be quiet? That is what I think about stopping for a nice dinner.” “Why are you so upset? Slick opened every door for me, refused to let me pay for anything, complimented my looks, my personality and my heart. He would say things to restaurant servers that were harsh and uncalled for. ” “Slick, I don’t think that you want to spend ten thousand dollars. A few days later when I asked again he told me that he does not have anyone else to spend money on and really wants to make Christmas great for my family. Before long the boxes started arriving at my house. I did not spend ten thousand dollars but I had a great time picking out just the right things for everyone. Everything was wrapped, ribboned and tagged from me and Slick. “Well, I paid for the stuff that I picked out at the outlet mall for myself so I figured that was my contribution to Christmas.” “Two shirts, tee shirts and socks! Neither of us are big drinkers but Cher got jilted by her date and needed a little confidence in a cup and in a conversation, so we split both. Holidays would not have to be split up between his and mine. As my rose colored glasses began to fade I started to see other things. He would say embarrassing things that I would quickly cover up with a joke or give a wink to the offended to try to lighten the situation. Even with his lack of social skills I was excited for my family to get to know him. With a big smile on his face he opened his two shirts, package of tee shirts and dozen socks that he purchased at Polo and Hanes for a fraction of their retail price. “Hey Slick, in a few hours everyone will be opening gifts with both of our names on them so maybe we had better figure out the finances of everything.” “What you are talking about.” “You know,” I said, “You wanted me to do the shopping then you were going to give me money to pay for the gifts and everything would be from both of us.” “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Now I was getting a bit miffed. How do you go from ‘shut up’ to ‘you had a nice round’? “So, what do you think about stopping for a nice dinner? Whatever the reasoning, speaking the word ‘widow’ is taboo. If a man is self employed he is automatically more attractive than a waiter, bell hop, or insurance salesman. At one point Cher did the nearly impossible by completing an entire sentence. Jimmy has frequented many golf courses and almost never sees women golfing. But this strange, albeit too common, encounter led me down a path I do not normally take. Shaking his head from side to side with the same look that Esmeralda gave Quasimoto, he muttered, “Tsk, tsk.” “No, really, women do golf,” I restated. “In fact, there are women that own golf courses.” With a shrug of his shoulders and a look of pity in his eyes all he could say was, “Not true.” “Do you know any women that own golf courses? As he was getting ready to call the men in white coats to strap me into a white jacket and drag me away to padded white room, I said, “I own a golf course.” Surprise took the place of empathy as he questioned his understanding of my words. No, age was not an issue, even if we were old enough to be their . Or maybe men think that there is a chance that the widow may have caused her husband’s demise does not want to be next. While he was babbling on about Jimmy, all I could hear was ‘It slices! Once every five or ten minutes either Cher would try to interject a word or two. This anonymous feeling gave me uncommon haughtiness. After all, I am the one looking for a Sugar Daddy and I do not want to be anyone’s Sugar Momma. Right now I am thinking that playing a round of golf in silence is nothing that I ever want to do again which means I never want to play a round of golf with you again. Everything was sunshine and lollipops for the next few weeks. But in front of other people Slick had this awkwardness, sort of a social impotency. I asked him again the next day and got the same answer. I shopped online from airports, hotels and restaurants. We are just a few hours from everything being opened. That is what I mean.” “Kim, there is nothing that I can say right now that is going to make you happy,” was his cleaver response. You can tell me what it is that I misunderstood not once, not twice but three times when you told me how much you wanted to spend on Christmas gifts.” I stated a bit more loudly that I ought. ” To which he replied, “How much do I have to pay you to shut you up? After threatening to wake up a son or two to help him out the door he left. Is there such a thing as a handsome, wealthy, single man with no children that would like to become an instant dad to kids his own age? The drinking is supposed to begin at in the afternoon and conclude two hours later. A couple of nights ago, Cher and I went to this little Italian place with loud music, sports playing on television screens, smoke in the air, and .00 Long Island Ice Teas on Ladies Night. ” “I do not want to hear a word for the rest of the round.” Apparently his demand worked because I was speechless. I think the last person who told me to shut up was by my brother when I was about 10 years old and pestering him to change the channel from Star Trek to The Big Valley. Right now I am thinking about having you pull over at the next exit and I will call a cab. Wonderful and I began to wonder if I had overreacted. ” “Kim, I want to spend ten thousand dollars.” I had no plans to spend ten thousand dollars. “I mean that we had agreed on what we were going to do for Christmas gifts. “Seventy two forty nine,” he stated as if that covered his portion of the cost of the mountain of presents overflowing from underneath the Christmas tree. What do you think dolls and Legos and sweaters and Barbies and boots and Nintendo games cost? My response, “Get out.” He begged to stay, I said ‘no way’. Fourth, even if the shoe ‘fits’ it does not mean that it is comfortable. Perhaps ‘get them young and teach them right’ makes sense. ” “No, never” Why is this incredibly gorgeous man unmarried? “My favorite musical group is Mercy Me.” I can only imagine what most men would think about that. In fact, if I make that statement the man might as well move right on to the next table. To add to my not knowing what to talk about dilemma, after I had already committed the funds to attend the speed dating event, my doctor scheduled a procedure for the following day. Not only do I have to fast all day but I have to drink 32 ounces of Gatorade with special powder that makes things move. A little less conversation, a little more action please! No, they never want to have children but it is alright with them if a woman they date already does. I do not know if it has something to do with the female Black Widow Spider who first seduces the male, then mates, after which she kills and eats him for lunch. He was very knowledgeable about his product and extremely confident in his delivery. Ignoring any modern sales techniques, Jimmy did not bother to ask questions, provide room for discussion or even stop for air. He then reached over and picked up our .00 check. As I was walking away from the table, it occurred to me that on the outside chance I would ever see Jimmy again, he would have no idea who I am. I have never said anything about anything remotely suggesting that I had any concern over any part of any of him. For the next thirty minutes they tried to convince us of a few things. Really, they are attracted to us for who we are not for what we could give them. All it takes is a couple of seconds of eye contact followed by her coy smile and there it is, saliva dripping down the side of his mouth. ’ The only difference between 2 and 42 the boys hiding place and a slight change in the dialogue. If any of the ‘Let’s talk’s were mutual, an email would arrive connecting the potential couple. I figure twenty five percent is not bad for a woman giving off a ‘hurry this up, I have to finish drinking my Gatorade and Miralax by ten’ vibe. Since I promised myself to do everything that I can to learn how to date again, I am willing to try all avenues. I have no idea what I can possibly say in six minutes that would make someone want to hear more. Women want to help, love, even rescue men who have lost their wives but men are deathly afraid of widows. I felt like I was a guest at a multi level marketing conference. Like Ron Popeil pedaling the Pocket Fisherman, Jimmy was selling hard. I told him that he did not even buy her a drink so I did not think she would want to play. I have no interest in his anatomy, especially anything that is not visible when he is fully clothed. Amplifier code: T = Transistorized, V = Vacuum Tube (Valve), S = Silent. 31, 2009 (Thanks to John Thornley and others for additional information on the UK Models) Copyright 2005-2008, Paul Ivester.For personal use only, may not be reproduced otherwise without permission.


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