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Initially, she was also a total pacifist and refused to actively engage directly in fights, but provided transportation and healing to her teammates.Although Raven began maturing as a character, unlike the rest of the characters on the Titans, this development came at the cost of potentially releasing her father upon Earth."Oh, they finally got you doing work there, what are you going to be doing? (very low, embarrassed voice)" (laughter.) I did not think that book was gonna go. Basically, he had all the things worked out on him. I just didn't want to do that because my first thought was Dr.I loved the original, I hated the second version... Strange and my second thought was the Phantom Stranger. Len said, "Come up with something different." This was before Zatanna became a member of the JLA. The name Raven came from the comic strip that I had done with Ross Andru. And the last name went on to become the Baron's last name in Night Force. The characters held no interest for me until a George did a visual. While I knew about her background, I still didn't care about her because I don't like writing about mystics. "Wow." I knew what the face looked like, but at that point we had no intention or showing what her face looked like.During this time she struggled to better relate to other people.During the Titans Hunt story arc, Raven was corrupted by the mad spirits of Azarath that had also possessed Jericho.

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The series was commonly used as a way to highlight characters or reintroduce somewhat forgotten ones by pairing them with Superman.

After fatally wounding Adrian Chase, the Phantasm, her body was destroyed by Chase and Arella, all of whom were presumed dead.

However, Raven's spirit lingered on and escaped to Earth, still as mad as she had been at the time of her destruction.

Raven's demonic lineage was hidden from her for most of her early years.

She was raised in an alternate dimension called Azarath, where she learned with a greater degree of skill to control her emotions by the goddess Azar.


  1. Teen Titans Wiki is a complete guide to the Teen Titans animated series and the comics, with episodes and characters such as Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy.

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