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Against a possible malfunction of the CIDA instrument point the results we obtained when recording spectra of negative ions from the same class particles in flight.Here we see the electron of the spectrum as sharp peak, as expected, which demonstrates that the instrument properly records sharp peaks if they are present.Since about June 2001 the CIDA instrument was switched OFF as the spacecraft went out to its remotest point from the sun and not enough solar power was available.In fact CIDA is just now being turned on again, and will remain ON until the comet Wild-2 flyby in January of 2004.As you will recall, I asked you if your lab would be interested in undertaking research that could determine whether new genetic programs can arise within a closed system or not.I was willing to obtain funding for the research regardless of the result.The immune system is considered "adaptive" because it produces an extremely large variety of antibody molecules constituted by polypeptide chains with variable amino acid sequences.

I think the counter argument might propose that the production of an antibody molecule doesn't constitute a macroevolutionary event.And I also take it that you do not agree that transpositional activity is sufficient for sustained evolutionary progress in a genetically closed system (otherwise you would not have an open bet on longbets.org).-- Right.The immune system's production of antibodies occurs as a result of somatic recombination by RAG1 and RAG2 functioning as a transposase.And before Cro-Magnon there were upwards of ten thousand generations, so many that the imagination is too staggered to conceive of what happened to them all on a generation-to generation basis.What we actually see are nothing but bits of foam at the surface of the vast ocean of prehistory." Fred Hoyle - Home is where the wind blows - end of chp 3. Gabriel Manzotti / Monza / Italy From: Brig Klyce To: John F.Every one of us has an immense line filled with stories of struggle, heroism, self sacrifice, that if we did but know it would put the parochial affairs of the past few generations to shame.Every one of us has an immense line that would sweep even the greatest dynasties of recorded history into affairs of minor consequences.Due to other work obligations we have not invested more in the 10 spectra of positive ions and 35 spectra of negative ions we have from flight, until we have a larger number of both.This is expected to happen within the next year or so.I knew before I met you that you had no means to demonstrate an unearthly source for anything. I have a sense of humor, and I chuckled to read your remark. (I hope your results announced in April, 2000, are sustained and get proper notice.)Thank you!!But I am an ethical person and the research I want to promote is serious science. From: Bob Fritzius Date: PM / Subject: Venus microbes Brig, Check out my AAS poster on evidence of Venusian bacteria and viruses. regards, Bob Fritzius To: Dr. Sincerely, Brig From: Jochen Kissel Date: PM / Subject: Re: CIDA miscalibrated?


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