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The line between friends and dating

So naturally I find it hard to understand the difference between different relationship titles (boo, f*ck buddy, etc.), I just don’t believe in them.

For example, lets examine my current situation: My “friend” or Retread (that’s the name we gave the guy in our office who quit and came back again).

I just think if you have so many FRIENDS you cant be ALL bad.

Anyway we didn’t pick up right from where we left off last year but we went from what I guess you (meaning anyone but me) would call friends with benefits to dating…I think *scratches head* .

I believe maybe its just NOT A PERFECT FIT, like dating and moving on.

Nothing personal, just that PERFECT fits dont happen often and its kinda rare because it has to happen on BOTH sides of the fence at the same time.

And in case you were wondering my current status, Retread and I are not dating and aren’t friends with benefits either, we are somewhere in between here and the twilight zone.

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